Get Her Look+Meghan Markle

I hate to admit it but I’m that person that follows the royal weddings even though I’m American. But to my defense, the royal wedding coming up is kind of a big deal because Prince¬†Harry is marrying the gorgeous American actress Meghan Markle. I’ll be honest I’ve never watched an episode of Suits in my life but I’m sure Meghan is great on it. I will say that I love her style. It’s clean, chic, and minimal.


Before the Royal wedding on May 19th ( my 26th birthday by the way) I wanted to give you all a guide on how to get her style. So I chose some pieces that you all could buy to recreate one of her looks from the royal tour her and Prince Harry have been on. This particular look is from their stop in Northern Ireland. I love this outfit for two reasons. The first reason is that there’s not a lot going on but it looks well put together. The second reason is that the green from her skirt really makes this pop. This would be a great outfit for spring. If it was actually Spring here in Ohio.

The photo does not belong to me

I’ll keep this post short and sweet and of course, I’ll include links to all of the items. ENJOY!


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There are a few Latina women that have changed my outlook on myself as a young Latina woman. I’m only half Puerto Rican,and always felt like I had to be one race or the other. That’s not true. I can happily be both. I can celebrate my heritage as much as I want,no one can tell me I’m not allowed to be what I am,because only half of it is apart of me.¬†Growing up one of my favorite singers was Selena Quintanilla-Perez,I won’t bring up her tragic ending,because we shouldn’t remember her only for that reason.

I loved her style,and have been really inspired by it lately. Crop tops,bold red lips,high waisted jeans,you know the usual. I wanted to show you some of my outfit inspirations from Selena,hopefully Cleveland can stay warm for a bit so I can do a lookbook in the future.










I own none of these images.