Straw Bags+Trends I Love

There’s something about a straw bag that let’s everyone around you know that you are the fun laid back type of person. They’re effortless yet stylish and have somehow ended up on the chic runways during the fashion weeks.

It has finally warmed up and Spring is definitely here with Summer right around the corner. Now I’m piecing together outfits for future shoots. What I have noticed missing from my bag collection is a versatile straw bag.

You can wear it with a floral summer dress or a simple t-shirt and jeans.

I found some bags on the internet that are affordable and stylish.

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This is the recent blogger favorite the Cult Gaia bamboo clutch bag. Okay, so this bag has been a hit among Instagram models and fashion bloggers. Made by an indie brand this bag is a big hit even for the most elite fashion crowds. It’s the more expensive bag on the list but it’s definitely making a name for itself by becoming a classic addition to your bag collection.

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This is definitely a classic silhouette. The great thing about this bag is that it can go from the beach to a date night on a hot summer night. This bag is from one of my favorite places: Gap.

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I’m not going to lie, I still want this bag. I originally found it on Amazon when I was searching for a bag for my upcoming vacation. I have since opted for my laser cut Summer Rose crossbody. I like this bag because it’s a backpack so it’s great for festival season.

Bags I Love+Mansur Gavriel Calf Mini Sun Bag

I haven’t done a “Bags I Love” post since last year. My love for handbags hasn’t stopped obviously, I just didn’t realize how much you all enjoyed it. So here’s a new “Bags I Love” post. This time showcasing the Mansur Gavriel Calf Mini Sun bag.

Photo belongs to Mansur Gavriel
Photo belongs to Mansur Gavriel
Photo belongs to Mansur Gavriel

I’m in love with these three colors. Blush, Blu, and Rosa. Mansur Gavriel has been around since 2012 so it’s still a new brand. This doesn’t mean celebrities and bag lovers haven’t been loving this minimalistic brand.

I love this bag design because of how simple it is but it looks like a classic piece that it will last a lifetime. My favorite part of it is the small detail of the bow. It adds a small detail.

This bag comes in a bit over a thousand dollars so it’s definitely an investment piece if you can afford it.

What are your thoughts about this bag? What bag are you loving right now?

Tabletop Board Game Cafe+Cool Cleveland Places

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Since moving back to Cleveland I’ve realized that we have some pretty cool and unique places here. A couple of weeks ago I went on a date and we went to this incredible place called Tabletop. Tabletop is a board game cafe. I mean they seriously have almost 1,000 different games! They also serve drinks and food. To play as many games you want for however long you want will only cost you $5. So this place is very affordable.

Tabletop is located right in Ohio City on 1810 W. 25TH CLEVELAND, OH 44113 so it’s in a convenient area.

When we got there on a Saturday night it was really packed and there weren’t any empty seats. The staff was COMPLETELY KIND though. They took my date’s phone number and gave them a call when. We sat in the car for maybe five minutes and got a call that there was a table available for us. Our server was the sweetest!

We played games from 9 pm to almost 1 am so the hours are wonderful! My date had the locally made Kombucha from Bearded Buch and I had a cup of lemon ginger tea. We also shared a yummy dessert which was pudding, whipped cream, crushed cookies, and gummy worms. Definitely nostalgic to my childhood!

This place is so cool and the staff is so friendly. I love it here and plan to go more often. If you live in or near Cleveland definitely give this place a visit.

You can keep up with Tabletop on:




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Blogmas Day 22+Apartment Design

With the new year approaching and a new place to decorate I’ve been stashing away some inspiration.


I’ve always loved the idea of a minimalistic space. My wardrobe consists of black, white, gray, and gold. I love it. I love looking chic and put together. The idea of a loud, colorful apartment with clashing colors gives me a major headache.

Some may see my style as boring but I don’t care. Being a writer in the fashion industry since I was a teen has helped me develop my own style and feel comfortable wearing what I want and decorating the way I want to.

This doesn’t mean I won’t add in a touch of unexpected color. But even with that I go for earth tones.


I’m in love with the style of a simple room. With too much going on it’s hard to relax and that’s the whole purpose of a bedroom.



I’m obsessed with coziness. A cozy bed is a bed that’s meant to be spent lazy Sunday mornings in.




Cooking is something I love to do. So I’ve also been looking at design projects for the kitchen space.




I love marble and right now it’s very trendy. I love the clean look of it and the sleek style of it.

I’ll definitely be doing some diy projects and homeware hauls in the near future.

I’m curious to know what styles you all love?

Also, I got all of these gorgeous images from Tumblr. If you know the rightful owners please let me know so I can give them credit.

Blogmas is almost over, time flies when you’re having an absolute blast!

Pomegranate Spritzer+Splenda Sugar Blend


I was sent out a bag of the Splenda Sugar Blend to make a pomegranate spritzer. Splenda Sugar Blend is great for baking because you get the perfect consistency without the added calories. But did you know it’s also great for making simple syrup?

Simple syrup is great because you can add it to your drinks for sweetness without a grainy texture at the bottom of the glass.

Here is the recipe for a Splenda Sugar Blend simple syrup. Take note that this can last up to a week in the refrigerator.

2 cups of water
1 cup of Splenda Sugar Blend
1/4 teaspoon of dry unflavored gelatin
1/8 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Simmer all of the ingredients in a sauce pan until it becomes a slightly thick syrup. Let cool then refrigerate it in a tightly sealed container.

Now it’s time for the pomegranate spritzer!

1/4 cup pomegranate juice
2 tablespoons of the simple syrup you made
1 teaspoon lime juice
3/4 flavored seltzer (I used tonic water)
Ice, if desired.

Put all of your ingredients accept the seltzer into a glass. Then pour in your seltzer slowly. Add ice if desired.





Thank you Splenda and Crowdtap for sending me this product and recipe.

The drink was refreshing and not too sweet. I hope you all make it before the end of the summer.

*Splenda and Crowdtap sent me the Splenda Sugar Blend and recipe card to make this drink. However all opinions are my own.