Fanny Packs+ Should You Get One

Like most kids in the 90s I had a fanny pack. When this bag started popping up on celebrities a couple of years ago I was sure it was just a passing trend. But of course it is still here and I can’t really say if it will stay or go. Honestly, I really like the functionality of the bag. It keeps your hand free to do whatever and unlike a crossbody you don’t have to adjust it.

I love the look of having it slung over the chest instead of the traditional way of wearing one. I’m still nervous about the longevity of the trend so I’m interested in dropping a ton of money on one. So of course I found some really inexpensive ones, I even found a designer one that’s not too much if you want some designer in your bag collection.

Forever 21
Marc Jacobs

What are your thoughts on the fanny pack trend? Will you be trying it?

Straw Bags+Trends I Love

There’s something about a straw bag that let’s everyone around you know that you are the fun laid back type of person. They’re effortless yet stylish and have somehow ended up on the chic runways during the fashion weeks.

It has finally warmed up and Spring is definitely here with Summer right around the corner. Now I’m piecing together outfits for future shoots. What I have noticed missing from my bag collection is a versatile straw bag.

You can wear it with a floral summer dress or a simple t-shirt and jeans.

I found some bags on the internet that are affordable and stylish.

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This is the recent blogger favorite the Cult Gaia bamboo clutch bag. Okay, so this bag has been a hit among Instagram models and fashion bloggers. Made by an indie brand this bag is a big hit even for the most elite fashion crowds. It’s the more expensive bag on the list but it’s definitely making a name for itself by becoming a classic addition to your bag collection.

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This is definitely a classic silhouette. The great thing about this bag is that it can go from the beach to a date night on a hot summer night. This bag is from one of my favorite places: Gap.

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I’m not going to lie, I still want this bag. I originally found it on Amazon when I was searching for a bag for my upcoming vacation. I have since opted for my laser cut Summer Rose crossbody. I like this bag because it’s a backpack so it’s great for festival season.

Get Her Look+Meghan Markle

I hate to admit it but I’m that person that follows the royal weddings even though I’m American. But to my defense, the royal wedding coming up is kind of a big deal because Prince Harry is marrying the gorgeous American actress Meghan Markle. I’ll be honest I’ve never watched an episode of Suits in my life but I’m sure Meghan is great on it. I will say that I love her style. It’s clean, chic, and minimal.


Before the Royal wedding on May 19th ( my 26th birthday by the way) I wanted to give you all a guide on how to get her style. So I chose some pieces that you all could buy to recreate one of her looks from the royal tour her and Prince Harry have been on. This particular look is from their stop in Northern Ireland. I love this outfit for two reasons. The first reason is that there’s not a lot going on but it looks well put together. The second reason is that the green from her skirt really makes this pop. This would be a great outfit for spring. If it was actually Spring here in Ohio.

The photo does not belong to me

I’ll keep this post short and sweet and of course, I’ll include links to all of the items. ENJOY!


1. Purchase Here

2. Purchase Here

3. Purchase Here

4. Purchase Here

5. Purchase Here




I have a really exciting review for you all! A couple of weeks ago an awesome Etsy shop sent me the coolest items. The shop is called Gennhaio and honestly I’m completely obsessed. Everything is priced perfectly and everything is made out of vegan leather. There’s a variety of pouches, travel bags, handbags, and even key fobs. I was sent out a lovely pouch and and the cutest key fob! Also the packaging was amazing!

I can’t wait to start using the pouch especially for the spring. I think it’s the perfect time to use something like this in such a fresh color. My favorite part about it is the shape. It’s so different from anything I have now. I’m actually thinking about using it as a clutch for an upcoming vacation with Cory. But it would also be great for traveling.

Definitely check out Gennhaio to treat yourself to some goodies.

The key fob is so cute and I actually really needed one. I love how unique the designs

Chanel Classic Flap Bag+Goals

Everyone has that one thing that they’re saving for and dream about, I mean seriously dream about. That one thing for me is a Chanel classic lambskin flap bag with gold hardware of course (medium sized).

I haven’t kept it a secret that I have a love for bags. But this is the ultimate bag that I want. I remember being about ten years old and falling for this classic beauty. Now at twenty-five I’m still waiting until the day I can have one of my own.

Yes, they’re pricey but I see them as a fashion investment. To be honest I shock myself when I realize that I’ve wanted this bag for so long.

Every year the price goes up higher and I feel as though my chance to own one is slipping away from me but then a little voice tells me that I still have a chance. I still can have something nice.

I feel like most kids who grow up poor always had that one thing that they wanted more than anything. For me it was this bag. I knew if I owned this bag that I really wanted meant that I was doing what I loved and working hard at it. Maybe this all sounds shallow or superficial but I don’t believe people don’t have a dream. Even if it’s a dream to own a bag.

What item have you always wanted?

Bags I Love+Mansur Gavriel Calf Mini Sun Bag

I haven’t done a “Bags I Love” post since last year. My love for handbags hasn’t stopped obviously, I just didn’t realize how much you all enjoyed it. So here’s a new “Bags I Love” post. This time showcasing the Mansur Gavriel Calf Mini Sun bag.

Photo belongs to Mansur Gavriel
Photo belongs to Mansur Gavriel
Photo belongs to Mansur Gavriel

I’m in love with these three colors. Blush, Blu, and Rosa. Mansur Gavriel has been around since 2012 so it’s still a new brand. This doesn’t mean celebrities and bag lovers haven’t been loving this minimalistic brand.

I love this bag design because of how simple it is but it looks like a classic piece that it will last a lifetime. My favorite part of it is the small detail of the bow. It adds a small detail.

This bag comes in a bit over a thousand dollars so it’s definitely an investment piece if you can afford it.

What are your thoughts about this bag? What bag are you loving right now?

Bags I Love+Saturday Style

I’ll just be completely honest and tell you what’s been going on. My family and I have recently moved into our own home after living in a domestic violence shelter for almost five months. That explains the lack of posts on here. My depression and OCD have also been an unfortunate factor. 
However I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. I want this blog to really be my current loves. If you’ve been following me for awhile you will know that I love handbags. If I could have any accessory I would always choose handbags.

When I think of designer bags Versace doesn’t typically come to mind but ever since last year and I saw Gigi Hadid carry is gorgeous creation I can’t help but be in love with the brand again. The Versace Palazzo satchel is perfection

Photo belongs to Bluefly

Everything about this bag is incredible. From the butter soft leather to the black hardware I would own this beauty. Obviously this is out of my budget right now but a girl can dream right?

The strap is a plus because I have to use both hands to push my wheelchair I need something handsfree. Even if you don’t have a disability this bag will also be helpful with the strap.

Photo belongs to Bluefly

NYC Photo Diary+Happiness



13610_10203826835937410_7045436552613396131_n 10406997_10203821057352949_7733818785508309268_n 10407131_10203815163965618_1442282054349369260_n 10647226_10203809050532786_638711917456843307_n 10917456_10203812846147674_6175860557599521842_n 10986888_10203809039452509_5985047801469379770_n 11024278_10203813039912518_6301859890493153072_n 11026196_10203813854252876_1728212550988030671_n 11028021_10203814121859566_7347427977539663321_n 11035473_10203820107209196_6463288118161223292_n 11038115_10203827485793656_5564202753066897203_n 11043053_10203827509234242_1481433540331793828_n 11046403_10203812774785890_2461507480422632882_n 11046517_10203826403606602_3303349560106286201_n 11054363_10203811331229802_412883759729197594_n 20150304_203102 nyc1 nyc2

20150305_094204 20150305_110841 20150305_111608 20150305_112332 20150305_113246 20150305_113503 20150305_114202 20150305_115511 20150305_153054 20150305_155238 20150305_155242 20150305_160636 20150305_161759 20150305_164111 20150305_221006 20150306_131709 20150306_132143 20150306_132559 20150306_134539 20150306_134750 20150306_203647This was my first time in New York City. Throughout my whole trip I felt an unfamiliar feeling. By the end I realized what it was. It was happiness. Now I know what happiness really feels like, and I always want to want to feel it.

The Vintage Contessa

Every girl dreams of owning a Chanel classic 2.55 bag. It is one of the world’s most popular, and recognizable bags. It’s one of those bags that will be in style for years. The bag itself is an investment. If you would prefer to buy vintage instead of new, The Vintage Contessa is a great place to buy your Chanel from. Not only do they offer classic styles, they also always have new arrivals. The Vintage Contessa also sells other items from other designers, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Cartier.

Photo belongs to
Photo belongs to

Donae Cangelosi Chramosta is the owner of the boutique that is located in Houston, Texas.  She is a writer, blogger, TV personality, and a mother to her little girl Bella. Donae and Bella actually wrote a childrens book together, named The Vintage Contessa & Princessa. You can buy the book HERE, 50% OF THE PROCEEDS GO TO SUPPORT PEDIATRIC CANCER CHARITIES THROUGHOUT THE U.S.A. 

I highly recommend checking out this amazing woman’s business. Not only does she sell beautiful things, she is a beautiful person on the inside. It’s amazing to see what women can do to make a change in the world. Below I will post photos of some Chanel items
I’m kind of in love with now. If you would like to purchase the items just click on the photos. Also, everything sold by The Vintage Contessa is authentic. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to send an email, they are always willing to help.








All photos belong to The Vintage Contessa

Keaton Row

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you some exciting news! As most of you may know I’m a fashion writer,and I study journalism. So,this news might come to a shock for most of you,but I’m also a personal stylist now! The opportunity came at a great time,and I’m very excited about it.

Keaton Row is a 100% online personal styling company. You have the opportunity to have me as your stylist,you don’t even pay me! You only buy the clothes you like from the personalized lookbook(s) I create for you. You have access to stores such as ShopBop,Nordstroms,Asos,and many more! If you would like me to be your personal stylist click HERE,OR EMAIL ME SADEVERAUX@GMAIL.COM