New Blog Updates+Stats

I really hate how important stats are and how you actually have to pay attention to them. That’s what I’ve been doing lately to figure out how I can help you all enjoy my blog better.

I’ve noticed that you all seem to engage more with beauty/style posts so I’ll be doing more of those. I’ve also noticed that you like knowing what books I’m currently reading but you don’t really enjoy reading my reviews. Which is complete fine. So I will still be reading a new book every month but I just won’t review it on here. I’m hoping this makes things more enjoyable for you all. There will be a new post tomorrow. Happy Sunday!

To Selena, with Love+Book Review

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I read this book the end of last year. As many of you know, I’m a huge Selena Quintanilla fan. I have been since I was a little girl. She’s so inspirational. I told someone one that if I could bring happiness to the lives of people the way Selena has, I’ll be content.

Chris Perez was married to Selena. They didn’t have much time together, but the time they did have together made him believe in true love.

Chris doesn’t hold back at all, he’s honest about the struggles they went through because of the lack of support from Selena’s father. He talks about the arguments they had and how they always made up.

Their love was only something you could dream about. When reading the pages you get a sense of his vulnerability. You can feel the love he has for Selena. A lot of people won’t be able to experience the love those two had, so it’s great to have an inside look at how they loved. I highly recommend this book.

With the anniversary of her death approaching, I wanted to do something that celebrated the love she gave.