Straw Bags+Trends I Love

There’s something about a straw bag that let’s everyone around you know that you are the fun laid back type of person. They’re effortless yet stylish and have somehow ended up on the chic runways during the fashion weeks.

It has finally warmed up and Spring is definitely here with Summer right around the corner. Now I’m piecing together outfits for future shoots. What I have noticed missing from my bag collection is a versatile straw bag.

You can wear it with a floral summer dress or a simple t-shirt and jeans.

I found some bags on the internet that are affordable and stylish.

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This is the recent blogger favorite the Cult Gaia bamboo clutch bag. Okay, so this bag has been a hit among Instagram models and fashion bloggers. Made by an indie brand this bag is a big hit even for the most elite fashion crowds. It’s the more expensive bag on the list but it’s definitely making a name for itself by becoming a classic addition to your bag collection.

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This is definitely a classic silhouette. The great thing about this bag is that it can go from the beach to a date night on a hot summer night. This bag is from one of my favorite places: Gap.

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I’m not going to lie, I still want this bag. I originally found it on Amazon when I was searching for a bag for my upcoming vacation. I have since opted for my laser cut Summer Rose crossbody. I like this bag because it’s a backpack so it’s great for festival season.

New Blog Updates+Stats

I really hate how important stats are and how you actually have to pay attention to them. That’s what I’ve been doing lately to figure out how I can help you all enjoy my blog better.

I’ve noticed that you all seem to engage more with beauty/style posts so I’ll be doing more of those. I’ve also noticed that you like knowing what books I’m currently reading but you don’t really enjoy reading my reviews. Which is complete fine. So I will still be reading a new book every month but I just won’t review it on here. I’m hoping this makes things more enjoyable for you all. There will be a new post tomorrow. Happy Sunday!

Chanel Classic Flap Bag+Goals

Everyone has that one thing that they’re saving for and dream about, I mean seriously dream about. That one thing for me is a Chanel classic lambskin flap bag with gold hardware of course (medium sized).

I haven’t kept it a secret that I have a love for bags. But this is the ultimate bag that I want. I remember being about ten years old and falling for this classic beauty. Now at twenty-five I’m still waiting until the day I can have one of my own.

Yes, they’re pricey but I see them as a fashion investment. To be honest I shock myself when I realize that I’ve wanted this bag for so long.

Every year the price goes up higher and I feel as though my chance to own one is slipping away from me but then a little voice tells me that I still have a chance. I still can have something nice.

I feel like most kids who grow up poor always had that one thing that they wanted more than anything. For me it was this bag. I knew if I owned this bag that I really wanted meant that I was doing what I loved and working hard at it. Maybe this all sounds shallow or superficial but I don’t believe people don’t have a dream. Even if it’s a dream to own a bag.

What item have you always wanted?

My Makeup Collection+Youtube

Hello! I just uploaded a new Youtube video please check it out, thank you! I’ll be back to regular posts on here later this week, thank you for your patience.

Maybelline 24K Nudes Palette+Review

I was super excited to be able to try out the new Maybelline 24K Nudes PaletteIt’s my new favorite palette for reasons you may be surprised about.

Maybelline and Influenster were also cool enough to send out mascara and eyeliner. The eyeliner is an amethyst purple and as much as I love purple I’m not into bright eyeliner. The mascara is the  Falsies Push Up Angel. I love this mascara and I’m debating about doing a separate review on it. If you would like that, let me know down in the comments.

But onto the eyeshadow, I’m actually more impressed with the non-metallic shades. They are more pigmented and opaque. The metallics (excluding that gold, which is amazing) are so light that even building them up takes time to get a semi-opaque look. The first shadow which is a rose gold on the top row does make a great highlight.

Overall, the palette is okay. I can definitely do without some of the colors. What’s your favorite color in the palette?


*I was sent this to review, all opinions are my own.

Tabletop Board Game Cafe+Cool Cleveland Places

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Since moving back to Cleveland I’ve realized that we have some pretty cool and unique places here. A couple of weeks ago I went on a date and we went to this incredible place called Tabletop. Tabletop is a board game cafe. I mean they seriously have almost 1,000 different games! They also serve drinks and food. To play as many games you want for however long you want will only cost you $5. So this place is very affordable.

Tabletop is located right in Ohio City on 1810 W. 25TH CLEVELAND, OH 44113 so it’s in a convenient area.

When we got there on a Saturday night it was really packed and there weren’t any empty seats. The staff was COMPLETELY KIND though. They took my date’s phone number and gave them a call when. We sat in the car for maybe five minutes and got a call that there was a table available for us. Our server was the sweetest!

We played games from 9 pm to almost 1 am so the hours are wonderful! My date had the locally made Kombucha from Bearded Buch and I had a cup of lemon ginger tea. We also shared a yummy dessert which was pudding, whipped cream, crushed cookies, and gummy worms. Definitely nostalgic to my childhood!

This place is so cool and the staff is so friendly. I love it here and plan to go more often. If you live in or near Cleveland definitely give this place a visit.

You can keep up with Tabletop on:




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The Fragrance Outlet+Review



Finding your signature scent can me overwhelming at times, but it’s also a fun experience. I believe that a good perfume is essential to have! Thanks to The Fragrance Outlet and Brandbacker I was able to find my summer signature scent.

First I should tell you about The Fragrance Outlet. It’s a store that sells designer perfumes for a reasonable price. The perfume I chose to get was Bamboo by Franck Olivier. It’s made in Paris, France is a light pink color.

The scent is very light as well. The smell is so fresh and perfect for summer. Summer is near it’s end but this would still even make a great perfume for the day time. But if I’m being completely honest I have to say that I wear any perfume I want and never really follow the time of day rule. If you’re interested in Bamboo check it out here.


The great thing about The Fragrance Outlet is that you can order online and the process is so simple! Everything is in neat and organized sections for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a new perfume definitely visit The Fragrance Outlet. I loved the detail on the package it was shipped in, also. You can check that out on my Instagram.


*This post was sponsored by The Fragrance Outlet and Brandbacker

ISA Professional Victorya Flat Iron Hair Straightener+Review

I’ve been looking for a great hair straightener for awhile! I needed something that would get the job done quickly without putting a lot of heat on my curls. Thanks to ISA Professional I was able to try out their Victorya Flat Hair Straightener. 

I will always give my honest opinion about products and brands I’m sponsored by. So, when I say that these are magic, I mean it. My hair is super thick and the humidity hasn’t been helping it. So when I ran these through my hair once I was completely amazed! They work out so great! They work so fast so that you don’t have to keep the heat on your hair for too long.

My hair after using the flat irons

Another great feature is that you don’t have to control the heat because it automatically changes for however thick your hair is, even if the thickness varies.


Overall, I love these flat irons! They work great and I know that they’ll last a longtime. I definitely recommend these if you’re looking to purchase new straighteners. #ISAprofessional

*I was sent these by ISA Professional to review, all opinions are my own

evian® Facial Spray+Giveaway


I’m back with another review and giveaway! I’m very excited to be able to work with evian® Facial Spray. I think their water is the absolute best and the spray is so refreshing. Before I get into the review and giveaway  I wanted to share some facts that I have learned from Evian. The first thing is that the water is from the heart of the French Alps, it’s probably the purest sine it hasn’t been chemically treated.

If you have sensitive skin, this spray is perfect for you! There are so many uses for it. My current favorite is to cool me down.

I’ve been working out more lately and I like to use evian® Facial Spray to get rid of the #SweatyMess.

It’s refreshing to spritz my face with this after a morning outside workout or after doing Pilates. The water comes out in a fine mist and evenly goes over your skin, cooling you down instantly.

I was sent the 1.7 oz. size which is great for traveling or throwing into your gym bag or purse. It’s great to have on hand. The worst feeling is to be sweaty, but with evian® Facial Spray it refreshes you instantly by taking off the sweat. It also soothes your skin. I love this spray and will definitely be buying the other sizes. This spray also comes in a 5 oz bottle and 10 oz bottle.

Be sure to enter in the giveaway! You could win:

A $25 Sephora Gift Card
10 oz evian® Facial Spray
5 oz evian® Facial Spray
Three 1.7 oz. travel size evian® Facial Sprays
(total package — over a $75 value)





HASK Kalahari Melon Oil Color Protection Collection+Review

I was sent shampoo, conditioner, shine hair oil, deep conditioner, and a cool brush
I was sent shampoo, conditioner, shine hair oil, deep conditioner(not pictured, and a cool brush.


I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with one of my favorite brands Hask. Lately, I’ve been into hair care and using great products! So when I was sent this (thank you Hask and Brandbacker) I knew I was going to love this collection! This collection is made with Kalahari melon oil. The great thing about Kalahari melon is that even though it’s found in the desert, it keeps moisture. This means the oils found in the melon will keep your hair moisturized and if you have color in your hair it will protect your color.

First let me start off by saying that the smell is wonderful. It’s a sweet melon scent that isn’t overwhelming. I really enjoyed these products mostly for the smell.

Well, not just the smell the quality of it is amazing as well. I get so worried about trying to hair products because I’m always concerned about them stripping my hair of moisture. These products don’t do that though! Even after styling my hair, my hair still felt soft and moisturized. The shampoo is great and leaves your hair soft. The conditioner is a great creamy conditioner that left my hair full of moisture and not dull. I also used the deep conditioner (which I forgot to snap a photo of, so I apologize for that) which left my hair very soft and a great texture.

To style my hair I used the shine hair oil, which is amazing. This is my favorite product from the collection. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t leave your hair greasy I highly recommend this. It leaves your hair with a healthy shine and no frizz ( at least for me it did).

Make sure to check out the products for yourself HERE.

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I was sent these products to review