March Book Review+ Women Race and Class

I decided to read Angela Y. Davis’ Women Race and Class because I wanted to celebrate her as an inspirational black woman. Do believe this is her first book. Surprisingly, I’ve never read it. I need some knowledge and inspiration this month. I guess you could call it a quarter life crisis or just my depression creeping back up but either way I’m trying to pull myself out of a hole of self-loathing.

I think the tough thing for me is remembering that everyone has a different life path. Last year I went through something really traumatic. I was abused everyday and had to live in a domestic violence shelter. I had a conversation with my therapist about how I feel left behind because my friends are growing in their careers. It’s silly because I’m doing awesome things as well. I won a fellowship for a writer’s residency. My therapist made the point that is having a degree a big deal? I’m doing great things already without one. But my mind always goes back to black excellence. Doesn’t having a degree equal black excellence in the black community? Am I really doing my community any good? Am I setting a good example?

I’m still trying to figure things out and maybe things will just fall into place. All I know is that I love being a writer and right now that’s the only thing I can hold onto right now.

Valley of the Dolls+Review

I’m so happy that I chose to read Valley of the Dolls for the month of February. Up until this point I’ve only watched the film (which is so good by the way).

I will say that it’s equally as good as the film. The only difference is that the book goes into more detail. You get to learn a lot about each character. In the beginning you get to learn a lot about Anne, Helen, and Neely. It’s hard not to fall in love with the characters early on. Jennifer is there in the beginning but you learn more about her and her story as the book goes on.

Unlike the movie you get an in-depth look into the lives of each character. Whole sections are given to each character. There’s so many parts to this book that I love so I’ll instead of just rambling I’ll list each category.


This book is obviously based in NYC and Hollywood so of course the characters will be dressed glamorously. The book definitely puts emphasis on what the characters are wearing. I’m really into mid-century style right now so it’s so cool to get sucked back into that time by just reading this book.


I’m a sucker for romance and this book has a lot of it. The beginning of love and the ending of a lot. But besides the romantic love it also has a lot of self-growth and self-love and those two things are always incredible journeys.


I’m a dreamer and if you are too than this book is for you. Everyone has a dream they’re fighting for. Neely for instance wants to make a name for herself and eventually does and Anne wants to be independent which she sort of does by leaving her small town for the big city of NYC.

I would give this book a 5/5. It’s a great before bedtime read. For the month of March I’ll be reading Angela Davis book Women Race and Class. I hope you all join me for that monthly read.