Amina Winter Box+Review

I’m so excited to share this Etsy shop with you all! Wild Plants Love You was sweet enough to send me out there winter box full of natural feel good items. I know spring is so soon but if you live in the Midwest you probably know that winter never really ends here in Cleveland. The snow keeps coming and the coldness never really goes away. From the start of this winter I have experienced the worst allergies. I’m not sure if it has to do with traveling or extreme weather but this winter has been awful for me. I try to use natural products to make me feel better. I’d prefer to know what’s going in my body. Before I get into the contents of the box I want to share with you all ways I make myself feel better.

  • I drink lots of water. Staying hydrated can really make a difference in how you feel. You’ll be surprised how well you will begin to feel once you hydrate your body. I use an app to remind me to drink liquids throughout the day. It’s easy to forget to stay hydrated when there’s a blizzard outside.
  • Face mask. When I feel really gross from a cold or allergies I do a face mask. Sometimes I use a clay mask (my favorite) or a sheet mask (great for lazy days). The only reason I can tell you that this makes me feel better is because it’s nice to pamper yourself.
  • Drink a cup of tea. This goes with staying hydrated but I also feel as though it helps to relax. There’s something about sitting down and enjoying a nice hot cup of tea.

Before I get into the box I should mention that the winter box is no longer available but you can get the spring box which is just as cool. Okay so now I can get into the awesome contents of the box I was sent.

Ruby Delight Syrup– a tasty syrup you can put into your drinks throughout the day to make you feel better. It’s full of herbs that do great things for the body.

Release+Renewal Incense– I love incense. I love it when I meditate and when I just want to relax.

Cool Balm– have you ever felt achy and stiff during the winter? Well, this balm is for you. It’s great if you have a cold or flu.

Cardamom+Anise Infused Honey– I love this honey! It’s great in tea and even great in oatmeal. If winter had an official flavor this honey would be it.

Sage+Mint Throat Spray– I love this spray so much because my allergies give me the worst sore throats. This soothes this so well.

Deep Breaths Aroma Inhaler– this inhaler is the calmest thing I have ever used. I actually just used it. For me it’s calming but also wakes you up.

I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to try out everything in this box. I hope you all will check out the Etsy shop to see if anything interests you.

Valley of the Dolls+Review

I’m so happy that I chose to read Valley of the Dolls for the month of February. Up until this point I’ve only watched the film (which is so good by the way).

I will say that it’s equally as good as the film. The only difference is that the book goes into more detail. You get to learn a lot about each character. In the beginning you get to learn a lot about Anne, Helen, and Neely. It’s hard not to fall in love with the characters early on. Jennifer is there in the beginning but you learn more about her and her story as the book goes on.

Unlike the movie you get an in-depth look into the lives of each character. Whole sections are given to each character. There’s so many parts to this book that I love so I’ll instead of just rambling I’ll list each category.


This book is obviously based in NYC and Hollywood so of course the characters will be dressed glamorously. The book definitely puts emphasis on what the characters are wearing. I’m really into mid-century style right now so it’s so cool to get sucked back into that time by just reading this book.


I’m a sucker for romance and this book has a lot of it. The beginning of love and the ending of a lot. But besides the romantic love it also has a lot of self-growth and self-love and those two things are always incredible journeys.


I’m a dreamer and if you are too than this book is for you. Everyone has a dream they’re fighting for. Neely for instance wants to make a name for herself and eventually does and Anne wants to be independent which she sort of does by leaving her small town for the big city of NYC.

I would give this book a 5/5. It’s a great before bedtime read. For the month of March I’ll be reading Angela Davis book Women Race and Class. I hope you all join me for that monthly read.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag+Goals

Everyone has that one thing that they’re saving for and dream about, I mean seriously dream about. That one thing for me is a Chanel classic lambskin flap bag with gold hardware of course (medium sized).

I haven’t kept it a secret that I have a love for bags. But this is the ultimate bag that I want. I remember being about ten years old and falling for this classic beauty. Now at twenty-five I’m still waiting until the day I can have one of my own.

Yes, they’re pricey but I see them as a fashion investment. To be honest I shock myself when I realize that I’ve wanted this bag for so long.

Every year the price goes up higher and I feel as though my chance to own one is slipping away from me but then a little voice tells me that I still have a chance. I still can have something nice.

I feel like most kids who grow up poor always had that one thing that they wanted more than anything. For me it was this bag. I knew if I owned this bag that I really wanted meant that I was doing what I loved and working hard at it. Maybe this all sounds shallow or superficial but I don’t believe people don’t have a dream. Even if it’s a dream to own a bag.

What item have you always wanted?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s+Inspiration

Good morning! It’s a bit after midnight and I’m up watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You all won’t read this post until a decent time today. I love watching this movie. The older I get the more I understand Holly Golightly.

I love this film because just like other old films it eases what ever trace of anxiety I have (but tonight I’m having trouble sleeping). Everything from the custom Givenchy clothes that Audrey Hepburn wore with such grace, to the opening scene where she’s eating a crossaint and sipping coffee ( my favorite thing to do in college was to eat a crossaint and sip coffee while exploring downtown Pittsburgh).

This film only reminds me not to take things so serious. Relax and enjoy life. Holly is such a carefree character. Yes, she’s hiding from her past but she knows exactly what she wants.

What classic films do you like to watch?

Bags I Love+Mansur Gavriel Calf Mini Sun Bag

I haven’t done a “Bags I Love” post since last year. My love for handbags hasn’t stopped obviously, I just didn’t realize how much you all enjoyed it. So here’s a new “Bags I Love” post. This time showcasing the Mansur Gavriel Calf Mini Sun bag.

Photo belongs to Mansur Gavriel
Photo belongs to Mansur Gavriel
Photo belongs to Mansur Gavriel

I’m in love with these three colors. Blush, Blu, and Rosa. Mansur Gavriel has been around since 2012 so it’s still a new brand. This doesn’t mean celebrities and bag lovers haven’t been loving this minimalistic brand.

I love this bag design because of how simple it is but it looks like a classic piece that it will last a lifetime. My favorite part of it is the small detail of the bow. It adds a small detail.

This bag comes in a bit over a thousand dollars so it’s definitely an investment piece if you can afford it.

What are your thoughts about this bag? What bag are you loving right now?

Greenfield Jewelers+Local Business Spotlight

It took me awhile to really appreciate jewelry. Now I love small meaningful pieces. You all probably know that I used to live in Pittsburgh for a few years. I love that city and I love learning about local businesses there. I recently learned about Greenfield Jewelers, a family owned jewelry shop located in Pittsburgh. Even though I don’t live in Pittsburgh anymore I really wanted to do a spotlight on this incredible family business.

Photo belongs to Greenfield Jewelers

How gorgeous is this necklace. Valentine’s day is a week away and I’m sure your significant other would love this as a special gift.

Photo belongs to Greenfield Jewelers

I’m kind of obsessed with these earrings. I have no idea where I would ever wear them but they so glamour and well made. These would also be great as a Valentine’s day gift.

Photo belongs to Greenfield Jewelers

Okay, I kind of lied. I’m actually completely obsessed with this ring. It’s gorgeous, right? It’s so shiny and pretty. This would be the perfect engagement ring for anyone thinking about popping the big question.

Photo belongs to Greenfield Jewelers

This ring is so wonderful! It would make a great gift.

I love how incredibly made these pieces are and on a future trip to Pittsburgh I’ll definitely be stopping by. If you would like to stop by you can visit Greenfield Jewelers at

Or visit them at

February Book Review+Valley of the Dolls

I’ll be honest I couldn’t finish The Dark Tower so I’ll just be jumping right into my next book in the book review series. If you’ve been following my blog and social media for awhile you know how much I love Sharon Tate. One of her most famous roles was her portrayal as Jennifer in Valley of the Dolls. I love that movie more than words can describe so I won’t waste so much time confessing my love for it.

However, I am very excited to start this book and give you all a review. I chose Valley of the Dolls for February because this book has so much love in it. Romantic love and love between friends. I’m on a 60’s kick right now so that’s the other reason for this book choice.  As always I hope you all join me in reading this. Sorry for the last review, I promise to stick with this.

Virginia Woolf+Life Update

Did you all know that today would have been Virginia Woolf’s 136th birthday. I’m a huge fan of her work and what she believed in. Lately, I’ve been very passionate about my career and where I want to go with it. Last year put me back a bit, but I’m ready to conquer the world and make a name for myself.

This year so far has been very interesting. I’m finally feeling mentally healthy and I feel like I can control my anxiety and depression. My OCD is so in control now. Life brings unexpected surprises and the main surprise for me this year is falling in love with the most incredible man. I can’t wait to see where we go and how we grow.

I’m grateful for the relationship I have with my mom and sister and how much we’ve grown from the traumatic experiences we dealt with last year. I feel like things are finally coming together.

Virginia Woolf once said “My own brain is to me the most unaccountable of machinery – always buzzing, humming, soaring roaring diving, and then buried in mud. And why? What’s this passion for?”

I’m going to take this passion and make it into something that will change my life.

2018 Book Reviews+Happy New Year

Hey loves! I hope you all are enjoying the first day of 2018. 2017 was… intense. Right? So let’s hope for the best this year. This past year with everything my family and I went through I had no motivation to do what I normally love to do. I didn’t write as much and I haven’t read much. I’m happy to say that thanks to Ragdale I’ve gotten out of that slump. I’m ready to take on this new year and build my career and personal life.

I’ll definitely be posting regularly on here. To motivate myself to read more I’ll be reading a book for every month of the year. Yes, I’ll be reading 12 books! For each book I’ll be reviewing it on towards the end of the month. I would love if you all would join me with reading, if you would prefer to just read the reviews that’s fine, too.
For January I’ll be beginning this book journey by reading the first book in the Stephen King series The Dark Tower.

I received this book from my friend Myra and I was supposed to read it during Ragdale but I got busy going back and forth to the ER. Long story. I’ll talk about it another time. But anyway I’ll be starting the year off with my personal hero Stephen King. Join me?

Holiday Gift Guide+Amazon

I love this time of year. I know you’re probably shocked because I’m normally talking about how much I enjoy Halloween. I love Halloween but Christmas comes in a close second for a favorite holiday. I love the cheesy Christmas music, the cozy sweaters, and of course the time you get to spend with family. I also love giving gifts. To be honest when my family and I lived in the domestic violence shelter this year I didn’t expect us to have a Christmas this year. But things worked out and we’ll be spending Christmas together in our own home with a Christmas tree and stockings. I’m still in Illinois at Ragdale for my writer’s residency so I won’t be able to help decorate but I know my mom and sister will do a great job.

I wanted to put together a list of items that I would like to receive and I’m sure you all would also. I’ll just include a few items in this post but you can view the full list here. Also, everything is from Amazon!


6 pack of wool socks (Purchase here for $11.88)


You’re not really an adult until you enjoy getting socks as gifts. I feel like I always need more socks. I swear they just disappear. Plus they’re so great to have to keep your feet cozy during this time of the year.


A glass water bottle (Purchase here for $14.95)

I’m always drinking a ton of water back at home but once I travel I seem to forget how much I should be really drinking. For one thing, I always get dehydrated on flights and this could easily be avoided if I would drink as much water as I do at home. I love these reusable bottles they are super environmentally friendly and so easy to clean.


Classic Triple Zip Top Handbag (Purchase here for $29.95)

There’s nothing I love more than a nice bag. I’m in love with handbags. I actually really need a new one so I’ve been searching for a nice everyday one. This is awesome because it has three compartments. As much as I try to be organized I always end up tossing everything into my bag. I also love this taupe color.


I can definitely do more of these holiday gift guides if you want, just let me know down in the comments!