Butter Soft Beauty+Review

I have a love for lip products. I’m super grateful that Butter Soft Beauty sent me out three of their super moisturizing lip colors that are also super pigmented. 

The colors are great and they keep my lips hydrated. My favorite one is the light brown because it’s the perfect everyday color. The dark brown is super edgy, and the purple is a soft color for everyday wear.

I Was Abused And Homeless+My Story

I wanted to share with you all something my family and I had to deal with these past few months. Back in April we had to escape our abusers and had to live in a domestic violence for five months.

It was one the hardest times in my life. But we made it through. Now we’re trying to rebuild our lives. Millions of people deal with abuse. Abuse can happen to anyone and there isn’t one type of abuse.

Living in the shelter helped a lot but we also dealt with abuse there.It was hard but it made me realize that assertiveness changes everything along with knowing what you deserve.

I hope this helps anyone who needs it.



Sunday Eats+Halo Top Ice Cream

As many of you know, I’m type 2 diabetic and also follow a gluten free diet. I’ve been diabetic for almost 8 years and even before being diagnosed I wasn’t a huge sweets eater. But I do occasionally crave a sweet treat and ice cream is my favorite. 

Between trying to find diabetic friendly treats that are also gluten free I’m left with not a huge selection. A couple of years ago I heard about Halo Top ice cream but wasn’t sure about the flavor. A few weeks ago I decided to finally give it a try and honestly, I’m impressed. 

The first flavor I tried was the peanut butter cup and it was so creamy and rich but didn’t even spike my glucose level plus it’s gluten free. I bought that twice before getting the birthday cake flavor which is probably my new favorite Halo Top flavor. That says a lot because I love anything with peanut butter. 

The whole pint is only 280 calories and this also didn’t do damage to my glucose levels. I’m happy that I can eat my favorite treat without worrying about how it will interfere with my health. Of course this is all my own personal experiences and you should definitely check in with your own doctor before making any changes to your diet. I’m also not sponsored by Halo Top. I genuinely love this ice cream and wanted to share it with you all.

Bags I Love+Saturday Style

I’ll just be completely honest and tell you what’s been going on. My family and I have recently moved into our own home after living in a domestic violence shelter for almost five months. That explains the lack of posts on here. My depression and OCD have also been an unfortunate factor. 
However I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. I want this blog to really be my current loves. If you’ve been following me for awhile you will know that I love handbags. If I could have any accessory I would always choose handbags.

When I think of designer bags Versace doesn’t typically come to mind but ever since last year and I saw Gigi Hadid carry is gorgeous creation I can’t help but be in love with the brand again. The Versace Palazzo satchel is perfection

Photo belongs to Bluefly

Everything about this bag is incredible. From the butter soft leather to the black hardware I would love.to own this beauty. Obviously this is out of my budget right now but a girl can dream right?

The strap is a plus because I have to use both hands to push my wheelchair I need something handsfree. Even if you don’t have a disability this bag will also be helpful with the strap.

Photo belongs to Bluefly


Hello! I teamed up with Walmart to show you all a couple of my favorite Halloween treats that are also gluten free and affordable!  #AD


My Makeup Collection+Youtube

Hello! I just uploaded a new Youtube video please check it out, thank you! I’ll be back to regular posts on here later this week, thank you for your patience.

Coffee And A Classic+Review

There’s nothing I love more than reading a good book and drinking a nice cup of tea. I feel like books and hot drinks just go together. I also have a deep love for classic novels. I’m convinced Coffee and a Classic was made for me and others who want nothing more than to read in peace and sip their tea. Each month Coffee and a Classic send you a themed box. You get a classic novel and a really cool mug. They also include little things to go with it. Sometimes we forget about how awesome classic novels are, so this is a great way to revisit those stories that made us fall in love with literature.

I love the theme of this box because it’s nature/woods themed. Another thing I would want to mention is that the box all of the items come in is a photo box. I can’t wait to reuse it as a memory box.


The book that gives this months box its theme is “Walden or Life in the Woods” by Henry Thoreau I’ve never read this book but I am very excited to dive into it. It looks interesting and makes for a great Sunday morning read.
I have a strange love for mugs. I love the design of this one, it’s super cozy and green is one of my favorite colors. This mug is really big, too so it will hold a lot of tea for me.
Not only is this a piece of a log, but it is also a magnet. How strange is it for me to be excited on my refrigerator?
This candle makes me happy every time I sniff it. It smells like pine, campfire, and burnt marshmallows (my favorite)
If I remember correctly this bookmark is made out of linen. I actually might start using a bookmark.
It’s chai and I love chai. I’m a happy camper.


I remember the first time I made smores at a campfire, this brought back nostalgic memories. I also love s’mores.

I love this subscription box and I’m so happy I’ve been able to work with them to bring this review to you all. I definitely recommend this box for book and tea (or coffee drinkers).


*This box was sent to me for a review but all opinions are my own



Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

I love products that are natural and that make me feel good all around. I like finding ways to meditate while doing everyday things. I like to smell the fragrance on my wrist. I like to enjoy the routine of making a cuppa. I like to massage my lotion into my skin without rushing. It’s about enjoying the small things and not thinking so much about that upcoming deadline or past mistake. It’s about being present in the moment.

I’m very excited because Merkaela gave me the opportunity to not only try their products from the summer box but to also work on my meditation. The environment I live in is a highly stressful place and it’s hard a lot of the times to feel grounded and present. I’ve been doing meditation more lately to help my anxiety. A big thing for me is just enjoying the little things in my life-and just taking time out of the day to just breathe.

Merkaela is a subscription box that sends you out really amazing handmade and natural products. Instead of getting a box every month you instead get one every season.


I love this spray. I use this when I feel anxious. It helps ground me and allows me to remember that I am present and I am okay. The smell is amazing, it’s light and not overpowering. I use it on my bed and as a fragrance.


Please order the box so you’re able to try this incredible body butter. Lately, I have had dry skin and I think it’s because of stress.This helps so much and smells so good. It has a very earthy which I love even more. A little goes a long way with this jar of goodness.


I feel bad about not having the opportunity to try this tea yet but unfortunately, I don’t have a tea infuser because I had to throw out the one I had been using. 😦  But here is what Merkaela say’s about it: “The ultimate wellness blend for the Summer. It is refreshing, hydrating and with high levels of Vitamin C. More importantly, it helps raise conscious awareness to higher levels in order to bring you closer to what it is needed in your life or let go of what no longer serves you.”- Merkaela


This product smells so good! I haven’t used it yet but I am saving it for a very special bath.



I love crystals and I’m very happy about adding this beauty to my collection.



I can’t wait to use this.



I haven’t had the chance to use this yet either because I currently only have a roll-in shower. But as soon ass I get into my new place I ‘ll be using this and enjoying it. It smells so good.

Definitely get you a box so you can experience all of these incredible products. If you reserve the summer box you’ll get 10% off your first order.


 More discount codes for you all:

  • ALIVE15 – For 15% off our Quarterly Subscription (Month to Month)
  • ALIVE20 – For 20% off our Yearly Subscription


*I was sent these products to review, all opinions are my own.

Anxiety And OCD+Life Update

With the recent passing of Chester Bennington I thought I would be open with you all about a recent diagnosis and something my family and I’ve been through. 

I have finally gotten medication to treat my OCD and anxiety. For a long time I’ve just been going to counseling. It has helped tremendously but my therapist and I agreed that meds would be beneficial to my treatment. I always want to be honest with you all and share my mental health with you all. I think it’s important for others to know that they’re not alone. 

My family and I have had to live in a domestic violence shelter because we had to flee our abusers. I’ll go more into detail about that in a future post.

I really want to talk about this because I don’t want anyone to feel alone. Sometimes it become a lot, trust me I know. You may be at your lowest but know that you’re not alone. Mental illness is nothing you should be ashamed of. So many people live with it. It doesn’t matter which one you have, you’re human and you deserve kindness and understanding just like anyone else.

This wasn’t a planned post so I apologize if I seem to be rambling. I just want to make sure none of you feel alone. 

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Call 1-800-273-8255

Available 24 hours everyday


Woman Up Box+Review

It’s so important to support women owned brands and businesses. I have another amazing subscription box to review for you. It’s the Woman Up Box and every product in the box is created by women. Awesome, right? The box I received was the June box because they still had some extras. I’m not sure if they still do but don’t let that discourage you from subscribing to them to get a box because once I go into detail about everything you’ll want one so bad.

This tea is so good (of course it was the first product I tried). It’s light and refreshing and great as an iced tea.

I’ve never used a sugar scrub but this is so cool. It really made my skin softer and the smell isn’t overly sweet.

I’m saving these color-yourself-cards for something special. But how cute are the mini pencils?

It has a great tit and an even better scent. I’m in love. I also get to add another lip balm to my lip balm collection.

There’s nothing like having a quirky little pocket mirror to give you a boost of confidence. It even comes with a protector so the crumbs at the bottom of my purse won’t ruin it.

If you’re a fan of sweets then these treats are definitely meant for you. They’re a nice sweet for those moments when you’re feeling nostalgic.

This perfect little stone is a worry stone. There’s a part in it meant for you to rub when you’re worried or anxious. I’ll be rubbing this a lot.

I’m in love this necklace. They’re actually Mala beads or prayer beads. I’ve done a little of research and they’re meant to keep you grounded, which we all need more of.


I hope you give Woman Up Box a chance. They’re a great company and their mission is incredible.




*I was sent this box to review. All opions are my own.