There are a lot of things I love in this world. I love my family, my boyfriend, food, really good food, writing, music, and handbags. No, I’m not materialistic. But I love art and fashion falls into that category for me. But sometimes clothes don’t fit or you don’t have anything wear. But handbags are easy. They fit everyone. They’re little pouches of art. You can wear a basic shirt from the sale section of your favorite fast fashion store and finish it off with a Chanel classic flap or a Speedy or this classy little bag from MightyOakHandbags.

Handbags are powerful. Not because some of them cost more than a mortgage payment but because you can carry a piece of art with you every day. Handbags hold sentimental value, like the vintage Coach bag my mother bought for me. If I had a super power I would want everyone to feel confident and comfortable with what they collect. Some people collect stamps, coins, or mugs. The best thing about being an individual is being able to love what you love without explaining yourself to anyone. Buy what you want. Collect what you want. And love what you want no matter what.

The owner of MightyOakHandbags was kind enough to make me this gorgeous velvet bag. Their bags are affordable and handmade. Choose from a great variety of options. You can visit the shop here.


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