Sunday Eats+Halo Top Ice Cream

As many of you know, I’m type 2 diabetic and also follow a gluten free diet. I’ve been diabetic for almost 8 years and even before being diagnosed I wasn’t a huge sweets eater. But I do occasionally crave a sweet treat and ice cream is my favorite. 

Between trying to find diabetic friendly treats that are also gluten free I’m left with not a huge selection. A couple of years ago I heard about Halo Top ice cream but wasn’t sure about the flavor. A few weeks ago I decided to finally give it a try and honestly, I’m impressed. 

The first flavor I tried was the peanut butter cup and it was so creamy and rich but didn’t even spike my glucose level plus it’s gluten free. I bought that twice before getting the birthday cake flavor which is probably my new favorite Halo Top flavor. That says a lot because I love anything with peanut butter. 

The whole pint is only 280 calories and this also didn’t do damage to my glucose levels. I’m happy that I can eat my favorite treat without worrying about how it will interfere with my health. Of course this is all my own personal experiences and you should definitely check in with your own doctor before making any changes to your diet. I’m also not sponsored by Halo Top. I genuinely love this ice cream and wanted to share it with you all.

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