You all probably know that I am big on equality.  So when EQL reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to share some information I was all for it.

So, you’re probably wondering what is EQL exactly. Well, they help brands come up with a strategy to show more equality. Awesome, right?

EQL has the idea if you march silently every day even the most narrow-minded person will eventually understand you.

This is important to me because I deal with a lot of inequality. I’m disabled, Afro-Latina, and a bisexual woman so equality is sometimes hard to come by. Being a blogger doesn’t make it any easier because even some brands look at my disability before looking at my talent.

It’s not a great feeling but we can definitely change what’s going on in our world. We have to support one another and show kindness.

Below watch these videos to learn more about EQL and their mission



Power Of What You Wear from EQL on Vimeo.

WearYourBelief from EQL on Vimeo.



Heroes are born from EQL on Vimeo.





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