Tabletop Board Game Cafe+Cool Cleveland Places

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Since moving back to Cleveland I’ve realized that we have some pretty cool and unique places here. A couple of weeks ago I went on a date and we went to this incredible place called Tabletop. Tabletop is a board game cafe. I mean they seriously have almost 1,000 different games! They also serve drinks and food. To play as many games you want for however long you want will only cost you $5. So this place is very affordable.

Tabletop is located right in Ohio City on 1810 W. 25TH CLEVELAND, OH 44113 so it’s in a convenient area.

When we got there on a Saturday night it was really packed and there weren’t any empty seats. The staff was COMPLETELY KIND though. They took my date’s phone number and gave them a call when. We sat in the car for maybe five minutes and got a call that there was a table available for us. Our server was the sweetest!

We played games from 9 pm to almost 1 am so the hours are wonderful! My date had the locally made Kombucha from Bearded Buch and I had a cup of lemon ginger tea. We also shared a yummy dessert which was pudding, whipped cream, crushed cookies, and gummy worms. Definitely nostalgic to my childhood!

This place is so cool and the staff is so friendly. I love it here and plan to go more often. If you live in or near Cleveland definitely give this place a visit.

You can keep up with Tabletop on:




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