Life Update+I Have Bacterial Vaginosis

I kind of owe you guys an update on my life since its been awhile. I’ve had some ups but a lot of downs. I’ll start off with the bacterial vaginosisIt’s NOT a STI it’s basically when the bad bacteria outnumbers the good bacteria in your vagina. Your pH balance gets thrown off and you have a gross colored discharge and an odor. The discharge also burns so you may feel like you have an UTI when you urinate.

This is how I got it, or how I think I got it. A few weeks ago ( yes this had been going on for almost a month) I had an urodynamics test and since I’m prone to UTI’s especially after using catheters I was put on antibiotics before the test. My best theory is that the antibiotics killed the bad bacteria along with the good. I’m not a doctor but since the doctors can’t give me a reason right now I think my theory sounds pretty reasonable.

This is actually pretty common but women don’t talk about it. I felt alone but now I’m learning that a lot of women deal with it and I feel a bit better about it. It’s important to go to the doctor if you think you have it just in case it could be something else.

I have seen numerous doctors, been to the ER , and given medication which helped for the time I was on it but the BV came right back after the treatment ended. So now I’m waiting for an appointment with another doctor and it’s so frustrating as you can probably imagine. My energy is nonexistent. I’m in constant pain and I feel gross from the discharge. 

My anxiety and depression have both been awful. I’m moody and just not myself. Some days I wonder if I will ever get rid of this. I cry all the time and when I’m not crying I’m trying home remedies. It’s stressful and I just want it to leave. Have any of you dealt with this? Any advice?

I think the silver lining from all of this is the love and concern I feel from those around me, especially my mom. She’s the best. 


2 thoughts on “Life Update+I Have Bacterial Vaginosis

  1. A home remedie that I use is apple cidar. After a good shower I put apple cidar on my towel and hold it to my vagina for about 5-10 mins. It allows a increase in my ph level, which is slightly neutral after my cycle.

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