Wicca+Afro Latina 

Hola, you wonderful people! I wanted to give you all an update about being Wiccan and Afro-Latina. 

My Wicca belief is very important to me and so is my practice of witchcraft. I’m also extremely proud to be Afro-Latina. I know that some people may feel uneasy about witchcraft and Wicca but to be honest there really isn’t a reason to be. 

It’s actually really funny because I’m currently learning so much about being Wiccan/witch and Afro-Latina and it’s very exciting. I’m learning about a culture I didn’t have the opportunity to explore as a child and I’m learning about a new religion. 

I’m happy I have this platform to share with you all my journey of being Afro-Latina but I wanted to know if you would have an interest in witchcraft? 

Let me know in the comments! I could share some witchcraft diy tips and answer whatever questions you have.

You can leave a comment if you like

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