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Still love this photo Madison took of me. Click the photo to check out our photography.
Still love this photo Madison took of me. Click the photo to check out her photography.

I mentioned a month ago that I would be going to Orlando, Florida for the Latism 16 retreat as a top digital influencer. I’m extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity. I wanted to share with you a bit more about the retreat and what it means for me as an influencer.

Latism empowers the Latino community. That is extremely important to me since I’m Afro-Latina. There are different categories that I want to share with you and how they relate to me and what I do.

Business-I’ve never really saw myself as a businesswoman. But now I can see why I am. I work hard on this website and try to bring the best product reviews, advice and other things for you all. It’s only me doing this so it takes a lot of dedication and work. But I love it and it’s no different than another business person.

Civic Engagement- I love volunteering and giving back to my community. I grew up in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio and I know first hand how hard it is sometimes. But I also know how great it is to get the opportunity to meet people who made a difference in their lives.

I would love to start doing more speaking opportunities at high schools. It’s definitely something I want to do.

Diversity and inclusion- This topic means a great deal to me. Being disabled has it’s challenges and this means a lack of diversity. Growing up I always wished to see more women who looked like me and I hope I can be that woman for another young disabled girl.

Education- I had the opportunity to go to a performing arts high school and university. I think education is important and no matter what field a child wants to get into, they should have the opportunity. I also think education can happen outside the classroom. There are so many other ways to learn, this is why I put an importance on reading.

Health- I’m open with you all about my type 2 diabetes and even my bladder issues. I think people should be open about these topics. I like knowing others deal with it also and I feel less alone.

Policy- This is a tricky one for me, so I’ll ask you all. WHat does policy mean to you?

Tech Entrepreneurship- I’m all for entrepreneurship and let’s be honest technology isn’t going anywhere. We have to embrace this new way of doing business.


I love you all and can’t wait to keep you updated about my trip to Orlando!


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