The Fragrance Outlet+Review



Finding your signature scent can me overwhelming at times, but it’s also a fun experience. I believe that a good perfume is essential to have! Thanks to The Fragrance Outlet and Brandbacker I was able to find my summer signature scent.

First I should tell you about The Fragrance Outlet. It’s a store that sells designer perfumes for a reasonable price. The perfume I chose to get was Bamboo by Franck Olivier. It’s made in Paris, France is a light pink color.

The scent is very light as well. The smell is so fresh and perfect for summer. Summer is near it’s end but this would still even make a great perfume for the day time. But if I’m being completely honest I have to say that I wear any perfume I want and never really follow the time of day rule. If you’re interested in Bamboo check it out here.


The great thing about The Fragrance Outlet is that you can order online and the process is so simple! Everything is in neat and organized sections for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a new perfume definitely visit The Fragrance Outlet. I loved the detail on the package it was shipped in, also. You can check that out on my Instagram.


*This post was sponsored by The Fragrance Outlet and Brandbacker


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