Latism 16+ Travel With Me 

Hola! I haven’t posted in awhile because I was a bit sick. But I’m back now and with some exciting news! I was chosen as a top influencer to attend the 2016 Latism retreat in Orlando, Fl at the Disney Coronado Springs resort! How exciting is that?! 

To be honest I was completely shocked when I found out about me being chosen. I really wanted this so you can only imagine my excitement. Latism stands for LATINOS IN TECH INNOVATION AND SOCIAL MEDIA. It’s to help empower Latinos. As an Afro-Latina I am so very happy about this. 

As many of you know I’m disabled and being a woman of color who is also disabled and bisexual is not easy, but I hope my story and tips I pick up along the way will inspire someone.

I was 17 when I started my blog and now I’m 24. This is the biggest thing that has happened for me as a blogger. Last year I had a rough time, but I had a lot of people support me. It’s amazing what a year can do. I know that you guys are a huge reason why I get the opportunities I receive. Thank you for all of your support. I wish I could take each and every one of you with me but the the most I can do is offer you all a discount. Visit the conference website here and use the discount code  Influencer16.

I hope to see some of you there!

Another exciting part to this (besides the possibility of Mickey Mouse waffles) is the fact that I will be going on my first airplane flight. I’m so excited and anxious but I think that if I plan on being a role model for disabled individuals I have to show them and able-bodied people that being disabled doesn’t change how much you can enjoy life. You can travel and explore just like everyone else. My anxiety will be fine, I am learning many ways to control it.

I love every single one of you. We’re a family. I hope you all are excited for this. I’ll be vlogging and blogging my whole experience so make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel.

“The reason I’m really appreciative of everything that’s going on around me is because of the fact that I never expected it, and I want to keep that attitude.” -Selena Quintanilla 

10 thoughts on “Latism 16+ Travel With Me 

  1. Hey Shalida, just saying hi. Did you get my letter? What did you think of my National Convention Generator post…did you play the game? Post what you came up with!

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