Fear Of Being Black+ Justice 

I’m actually supposed to be doing a social media cleanse right now. A post wasn’t scheduled for today because I have something to say.

I love who I am. I’m an Afro-Latina woman who grew up in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio. The same city where a little boy named Tamir Rice was shot and killed by an officer. I grew up in the same neighborhood where the Hough Riots took place.

I’ve known about the dangers of being black my whole life. But with years of growth and wisdom it hurts and it frightens me.

You can’t be black without being targeted. You can’t be black without being harassed. That’s scares me. 

Two black men were shot and killed. Two black men won’t see another day. Two black men have become hashtags. Two black men will be portrayed unfairly in the media.

I’m Afro-Latina but when anyone looks at me I’m just black. I post about skincare and beauty on this blog, I post about my accomplishments. That’s doesn’t matter to a lot of people because no matter what I do I will always be black and that means I won’t always be treated fairly.

Im black and I’m afraid. I’m afraid for everyone else who is black.

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