Simple Skincare+Review


I’ve been wanting to try out some products from Simple since I first heard about their brand! So when I was sent some new products to try I was so excited! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try out these new products, Simple!

I was sent the new Dual Effect eye makeup remover and the new Hydrating Cleansing oil. I’m so in love with both of these products. I definitely needed to update my skincare routine and these two products fit into it perfectly.


I have oily skin and normally try to avoid anything with oil. I also get the occasional breakout during my period. This means that I need products that will calm my skin without causing more problems.


I wear waterproof mascara and getting it off is a pain. But when using this the makeup comes of with a couple of swipes. The cool thing about this product is that there’s two layers. You shake the bottle to mix the two layers and then use a cotton pad to take your eye makeup off. It comes off like magic.

It also didn’t irritate my eyes or burn them. I’m in love with it.


I was worried about this when I first received it. Like I mentioned before my skin is oily, so the idea of putting more oil on my face was  odd. But it proved me wrong. With a dry face and dry hands you put a few drops of this on your face and your makeup just melts away. Even my stubborn Colourpop came off with ease.

You then rinse it off with warm water. My face wasn’t left oily or greasy but kind of matte but also hydrated. This is definitely my new favorite facial cleanser.

Overall I highly recommend these two amazing products.

*Sponsored by Simple and Influenster


2 thoughts on “Simple Skincare+Review

  1. I didn’t know Simple had a facial oil! This is so great, I’m so glad I came across this blog post!

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