Hue Monthly+Review

As most of you know I suffer from anxiety and depression. It sucks but the older I get I find new ways to make it easier for me. I’m open to trying out new ways to handle it. So, as you can imagine I was so excited to learn that coloring was a great way to relax. As a child, I loved coloring! When I first went away to college and was a homesick teen, I would print out coloring pages to keep my mind off things.

Now six years later it feels like everyone is trying out adult coloring books.

But what if I told there was an adult coloring book you could get either emailed, or physically mailed to you along with a whole box full of relaxation products? And what if I told you I have a code you all can use to get an awesome discount (SD10) ? You wouldn’t believe me, right?

photo belongs to me
photo belongs to me

Well, sorry to disappoint you but this subscription box does exist. It’s called Hue Monthly and they were kind and generous enough to send me out their June box.

If you follow me on Snapchat (sathewriter) then you saw me do an unboxing of this wonderful box. If you don’t follow me on Snapchat (sathewriter) definitely start following me because I plan on doing a lot more unboxing videos.

I was shocked when I opened the box, it was full of products to help you relax and of course the coloring book.

My eyes went immediately to the tea. You all know that I love tea, I drink tea everyday. I’m not ashamed to say that since receiving this lovely box of items, I have only one bag of tea left. The tea that was included in this box is from a brand named Tega. I have never heard of this brand before so I was really excited to try something new, and I was impressed by the quality.

photo belongs to me
photo belongs to me

There was also a honey scented lip balm from an Etsy shop named Forest Fairy Gardens. How amazing is that Hue Monthly works with Etsy shop owners?!

The next thing I noticed was the hand sanitizer. I love a good hand sanitizer, especially if it’s all natural. This hand sanitizer from Good Common Sense is amazing! It smells amazing and it’s natural.

You know a adult coloring subscription box is good when they include a bath bomb! Yes, a bath bomb! It’s all about relaxation. This bath bomb is from Bath Bomb Bizz and it’s orange. I haven’t used it yet but when I do I’ll talk about it on my Snapchat (sathewriter).

If these awesome products don’t make you want to subscribe to Hue Monthlymaybe my coupon code for you all will “SD10”, and if that isn’t convincing enough maybe these photos from this months coloring book will.

photo belongs to me
photo belongs to me
photo belongs to me

These are only a few of the many other designs. This month’s theme was floral. The actual book is spiral-bound and it’s on amazing quality paper that is thick and has edges that can be torn out. My mom and siter were both impressed and plan on getting a subscription. The book is great and as soon as I buy some colored pencils I’m going to start on it.

Thank you so much Hue Monthly for the box and the sweet card inside!



*This post is sponsored. I was sent this product to review



4 thoughts on “Hue Monthly+Review

  1. Hello my name is Linda and I’m looking for a monthly box to help myself and my new group of 36 and growing who has depression anxiety and abuse. I want to unbox one for them. I want something we can all subscribe to and talk about in group. I have some company’s that has offered to send us a box to see if we all agree on what we would like abd I came across yours. Would u be interested.?

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