Veganism+Being Kind

I’m a firm believer that whatever you do, you should do it with love. Nothing done in hate makes love. I think it’s amazing that we all live different lives. We love differently, and we see the world differently. You can totally be passionate about something without hurting others. Without shaming others. Without attacking others. You can share your beliefs without putting others down.

I’m not a vegan, but lately I have thought about switching to a vegetarian diet. I like to do my research on these things. I like to understand what I’m getting myself into. So as of right now nothing is set in stone. But as I was doing my research I found a lot of bashing going on. A lot of fat shaming, a lot of unkindness. This made me sad because I know people who are vegetarians/vegans and they are so kind. I could only imagine someone completely new to the community who got turned off from it and decided not to do it.

You absolutely can not force your views on others, you can only give out the information and hope your message gets across. Fat shaming is completely wrong! Any type of body shaming is wrong!

Not every vegetarian and vegan is mean and abusive. You can’t generalize a whole group of people.

I found some amazing people who are vegetarians, vegans, or just healthy eaters. It’s your life, do what feels right to you.

I didn’t write this to put anyone down, I just what to make sure you all know that you don’t deserve abuse for being different. People are allowed to share their opinions, but they are not allowed to put you down.

I’ll keep you all updated on my vegetarian journey if I choose to do it, and of course feel free to comment.

*Remember to always talk to your doctor before starting anything. I’m definitely not a professional.

Lisa Lorles


Melanie Murphy


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