Friendship Breakups+Storytime

I talk about breakups a lot on here. But I never really talked about the ending of friendships. Some friendships naturally end because people just grow apart, and that’s okay. Some friendships end because some people don’t know how to be a good friend. I’ve have my fair share of both these situations and most people do. But I figured I would share how to get over a friendship breakup and tell you all about a recent situation with a former friend.

The first thing you should do is figure out what went wrong. Sometimes honestly nothing went wrong and you guys just grew apart.

Another thing you should realize is that it’s probably a good thing your friendship ended. Just like any other relationship, friendships can be bad for you. Friends can be abusive also. It’s important you all know that. You don’t deserve anyone in your life who hurts you.

This brings me to my story time. As you all know I moved from Pittsburgh to my hometown of Cleveland because of a pretty traumatic experience.  But even though I went through all of that I still had my few good friends, including Madison who’s so loyal to me even now that we don’t live near each other.  It all started in December when I decided to come out to my closest friends. Everyone was super supportive. But that’s when things started to get weird.

Even though I was moving I made sure to tell my friends that I would make the effort to stay in touch and visit. But one of my friends started acting really strange. In February( the first week) I finally moved after months of packing. This particular friends birthday is in February, so I wished them a happy birthday. Which they responded with a dry “thanks”. I shrugged it off and figured they were having a bad day. I text them other times to see how they were but they never responded. This person always had mood swings so the behavior wasn’t too off until  things became really weird.

They started making fun of me on Snapchat and Twitter. When I went out with my Cleveland friends for a welcome home dinner, this person blocked me on Snapchat and Twitter. I told my sister and texted Madison”you wouldn’t believe who blocked me” they told me not to stress over it and honestly at that point I knew that it was time to end this friendship. I’m at the point where I just don’t need people in my life who will hurt me. I’m too old to respond to childishness.

It didn’t end there though. They kept blocking and unblocking repeatedly. Then other people started to point out to me that this person was making fun of me on Twitter and saying pretty nasty things. They even claimed that I was writing stories about them or something, which was completely untrue. After weeks of being blocked and unblocked I decided the best thing to do was block them.

My theory is that this person is angry at the world and goes through friends often, so it’s nothing I did. You can be the best person and friend to someone and they will still treat you crappy.

I wanted to share this with you all because you deserve kind people in your life.


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