Etsy Shop Spotlight+SummerlandBB

I’m starting a new series on here called “Etsy Shop Spotlight”. I love Etsy and I love supporting small businesses. For the series I’ll be featuring Etsy shops that I come across. If you have an Etsy shop you would like me to check out send me an email to:

The first shop I’ll be featuring is SummerlandBB. As you all know last year was a big deal for me. I came out as Wiccan and a witch and I came out as bisexual. So, last year was the year I really took my happiness seriously and started focusing on my spiritually. I knew that I wanted to get more crystals because they help me with my anxiety (specifically rose quartz).

I looked around and finally found SummerlandBB on Etsy. This shop is amazing! If you’re into Paganism, Wiccan. witchcraft, or just curious, check out the large selection of items.

You can get a nice amount of crystals for a very affordable price. I received my items very fast and everything was nicely packaged.

Traci, who  runs the shop was kind and generous enough to offer you all a coupon code! You’ll get 15% off any purchase totaling $10 or more! The code to use is BLOG15.

This is exclusively for you all.
This post isn’t sponsored.

Below are just some of the items you can purchase. Visit the shop here.
Check out the Twitter @summerlandBB

Photo belongs to SummerlandBB
Photo belongs to SummerlandBB
Photo belongs to SummerlandBB

I would also like to say that my thoughts are with the victims of the Orlando shooting. This blog is and will always be a safe place for everyone. Love conquers all.

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