Abusive Ex+Mutual Friends

I know I haven’t posted any topics like this in awhile and I figured you all probably wanted a break from the sponsored posts.

I wanted to talk about abuse from a lover and how that changes the dynamics of your life after the breakup, specifically with mutual friends.

I’ll start of by saying this. It’s not about your friends choosing sides it’s about them making the right choice. The right choice is to not ignore abuse and uphold the abusive friends behavior.

Everyone on here knows that Ice King was emotionally abusive during our relationship and during our attempt at a friendship. But what was hard for me and anyone else dealing with this, is the lack of support from “friends”. I’m a believer that the person abusing you needs help as much as you. There’s obviously something that needs to be handled in their lives.

But what hurts the most is when  mutual friends choose to ignore the abuse and shrug off your pain. Instead they uphold the behavior of your ex and instead of trying to help them become a better person they ignore the issue all together.

You don’t need people like them. Getting away from an abusive relationship of any kind is a huge step in the right direction. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to be surrounded by people who care about your safety. I understand that it’s hard being a mutual friend of people who break up, especially if abuse is involved. But you’re not helping the situation by ignoring it, or ignoring the victim.


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