Your Path+ Your Life

Have you ever realized that as humans we’re only a small part of the universe? We believe that what we do daily is the most important thing the universe has ever seen. We are egotistical creatures. We’re conditioned to believe that our lives matter more than anything else. We believe that any other life on any other planet is alien life form, but fail to realize that we could possibly be the intruders.

We hurt our planet and then find ways to save it. But the problem is that we’re not trying to save Earth, we’re trying to save ourselves.

We feel entitled to this planet instead of feeling grateful for it. We’re not immortal, we only have this one life. Yet we seem to spend it in a cloudy daze of self loath and the comparison of our lives to strangers.

We invent online communities to bring us closer but instead they put us against each other and we’re left feeling like we’re not good enough.

When we leave, Earth will still be here. Different, but still here.  Why do we spend the one life we have obsessing over others.

The least we can do is show Earth how thankful we are for life by not treating is awfully. For ourselves we can realize that the life we have isn’t the life for someone else. We fight about the color of each other’s skin when the real issue is the color of one’s soul and the amount of kindness they share with the world.

If you’re going to live on this earth the least you can do is the live the life the universe intended you to. My path is different than your path. Your path is different than their path. Our stories may be similar but they’re not the same.

Don’t waste your time on this extraordinary planet by trying to live the path that wasn’t meant for you. Love our planet because it deserves it and love yourself because you deserve it.

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