Make Beauty+Review


Brandbacker gave me the opportunity to work with Make Beauty, which is a cosmetic brand based in NYC. I was very excited to get this opportunity because I love trying new beauty products. I was also excited because Make Beauty is very supportive of women achieving their goals. Actually 10% of their sales are donated to We See Beauty Foundation. When I read that I would be receiving a full size eyeshadow and lipstick both priced at $25 I couldn’t wait to review these products for you all.

I finally received my samples and I have to be honest and say that I’m pretty disappointed. I’m always grateful for the opportunities I get and I never really complain unless it’s worth complaining about. But when a company says that they’re going to send full size samples and you receive something completely different, you’re left disappointed and confused.



The penny is used to show you  the true size.

This definitely left me with a bad first impression. Blogging isn’t about getting free stuff all the time, but when I do get a product to review I always give my honest opinion. When I do a review I give my honest experience on every part of the brand and product. In this case I thought it was important to show you all my first impression and disappointment with this particular situation.


If I knew this would be the size I would be expecting I wouldn’t be bothered by it but I was told that I would be given full size products. I had trouble even using the lipstick, because as you can see it’s so small. If something came up and these were the only sizes that could have been sent out I would understand that, but I wasn’t told anything about a situation like that.


Regardless of what the size is I still have an obligation to review the products for you all. I was sent a matte eyeshadow named alabaster. It’s a matte finish but doesn’t feel dry. It actually goes on smooth.I think this will make a good base for the eyes. I do think a primer should be used with this because it didn’t stay put.

The other sample i received was the taffy colored silk cream lipstick. This was the product I was most excited for. The color is a dusty rose hue and very creamy. Alone it didn’t look very well on me but I would add a lip liner to it. The first thing I noticed was that is was so smooth and hydrating it was. Make doesn’t test on animals and is hypoallergenic so it’s a great fit for people who take those things seriously. I do like that the products are natural and cruelty-free and I could make the lipstick work with the right lip liner. The eyeshadow isn’t that bad either but as I said earlier I do have a bad first impression. This lipstick is definitely an everyday look.

Make is offer you all a 20% discount for their products. Just visit and use the discount code MAKEYOURSELF for  20% off your purchases. It ends on 4/15/16, so use it fast!


I love you guys and i always try to be honest when it comes to reviews. I hope you all check out this brand and try it for yourself.


*this post is sponsored by Brandbacker and Make Beauty




Make Beauty reached out to me and sincerely apologized for the sample size. They explained their reasoning behind the size and explained the miscommunication which happens frequently when communicating through the internet. I think Make is a good brand and my goal wasn’t to throw them under the bus. I just wanted to let you know my first thoughts. But all is well now.

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