How I Started Blogging+Career Advice


This was a photo taken at my 20th birthday. I'll be 24 this year on May 19th and I honestly can't believe  I've been doing this for so long.
This was a photo taken on my 20th birthday. I’ll be 24 this year on May 19th and I honestly can’t believe I’ve been doing this for so long.

I get asked all the time from so many people the same question: how did I start blogging? I figured it was time for me to do a post dedicated specifically to how I got my start and how I managed to do this for six years. I’ve been doing this for awhile so I figured my tips could maybe help. I should start off by telling you how I first started, so here’s an anecdote for you all.

I was 17 and a senior in high school. I was also just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This made me very depressed and very alone. My life changed and it changed during a time where the only thing I should have been stressed about was getting ready for college but now I had college and diabetes to worry about.

I’ve always loved fashion. I knew for sure I wanted to be a fashion journalist. I even did a journalism “boot camp” sort of. Okay, maybe boot camp is too extreme but it was an intense journalism workshop with local journalists. It really shaped me into the journalist I am today today and it made my interest for the field grow.

With my love for fashion, background as a writer, and a lot of spare time in a graphic design class I started my first blog “The Fashion Wheel“. If I remember correctly my first post was just me giving a review on the prom dresses my fellow classmates wore. Soon everyone in school knew me as “The Fashion Wheel” and started keeping up with my blog. I got bored with just doing fashion and after my break up with Ice King and a new wave of depression I knew it was time to start a new blog and that’s how S.A. the Writer was born.

I’m guessing the real question people want to ask is how I get to work with brands like L,Oreal, Dove, and a lot more brands. But to be completely honest, a lot of those just fell into place. When I start blogging, blogging was still fairly new and you had to be a top blogger to get a brand to even look at you. Now looking back I think my success came from a few different places.

For one thing, my wheelchair definitely set me apart from other fashion bloggers, and the Latina community has always been my biggest supporters. I signed up with Latina Blogger Connect and they helped me work with great brands. It’s nice to have a network back you up and believe in you. I was even nominated for an award in SXSW that was for Latinas that were making a difference online. Also, I kind of just made my blog at the perfect time. I made it during a time where bloggers were becoming more respected in the fashion industry.


  1. Find what you want to blog about. I loved fashion so I went for that, but you can seriously blog about anything. Just pick a hobby or interest and go for it. S.A. the Writer is a lifestyle blog and I talk about everything, so that could be an option. And mom blogs are always popular. I mean ridiculously popular.
  2. Get your friends involved, have them read your blog and help promote it.
  3. Promotion is key. If you want brands to see your blog you have to keep a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page for it. You guys want to know a secret? I actually don’t really like social media that much. I find it draining, I try to only use it for work purposes. Social media can be great for communication and advertising, but sometimes I just need a break.
  4. Choose your platform. I used Blogger for The Fashion Wheel and I use WordPress for S.A. the Writer. I prefer but you should choose what’s easiest for you. Pick a theme you like and don’t get stressed about a perfect layout. You’ll get that stuff together once you really get into blogging.
  5. Be professional. If you’re working with brands please send professional emails and if you’re reviewing products be honest about it. You have to follow FTC guidelines.
  6. Get to know your readers. Talk to them and interact with them. Answer questions and comments.
  7. Keep your blog updated. Post regular.
  8. Be yourself. As cheesy as that sounds, it’s true. Be yourself and you’ll definitely gain a following.

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