Self-Care Style+Masturbating Benefits


2016 is the year of taking care of mental health and relaxing. It is for me anyways, but if you’re interested in this I have tips.

I love feeling cozy and comfortable. I love dressing up but sometimes you just need to strip down and throw on some cozy clothes and put your hair in braids or a bun.

I love wearing long sleeve cotton shirts, especially in the winter, they look put together but are pretty much pajamas in disguise. Thick leggings are also a go to for me. My legs are cold often because I don’t use them (there’s no other way to say it: wheelchair problems lol) so a nice pair of leggings help out perfectly.

I really don’t like to fuss with my hair when I’m just relaxing at home so these braids are great and can even be worn outside of the house.


You can totally go makeup free, but I decided to do a very fresh and natural makeup look on this particular day. I filled in my brows, used a natural colored lip liner and topped that with a nude lip gloss. My go to nude lip gloss is by Elizabeth and James( I’m sorry, I couldn’t find it online to link).  I also added on a couple of coats of mascara and a bit of highlighter.


Now that you’re all set do whatever relaxes you. Reading is always a great choice, coloring, writing of course, and even Netflix. I’m currently watching The Bletchley Circle and it’s so amazing.

Another great way to relax and stay stress free is to masturbate. I know some people find this topic taboo, but I Iike to be open on S.A. the Writer and share tips that I believe could possibly help others. I’m no doctor so don’t do anything unless you feel comfortable and talk about your concerns with a professional. But I read so many articles about the benefits of masturbation. Masturbating is so natural and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed by it. Knowing what you want is important before getting into a relationship, you have to be comfortable with your own body to work on how you see yourself which is important when dealing with anxiety.

I masturbate and find it to be very calming and fun. Supposedly, it helps with anxiety, which makes sense. So if you’re looking for another way to help your anxiety maybe you could try masturbating. If you don’t want to that’s totally okay, also.  How you want to masturbate is up to you, you can buy a vibrator or any sex toy that you think would help. I’ve never owned a vibrator so I plan on purchasing one in the near future. I’m definitely weighing my options when it comes to what kind I want.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and thank you again for your support. If you want me to tackle any other topics send me an email. New post next week, same day and same time.


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