New Glasses+Firmoo


I’m not sure if I have ever worn my glasses here on the blog, but I do have to wear glasses because of my eyesight. Madison and I actually joke about our eyesight and how we love to write and read but have the worst vision.

My sister also wears glasses and told me about a sale Firmoo was having, buy one pair of glasses and get the other pair free. I didn’t hesitate to pick out a pair. I was in desperate need of new glasses. I typically go for black, but when I came across this smokey, marble, and gray design I knew I needed them. If you follow me on Twitter (@sathewriter) then you know about my glasses and my marble obsession already.


I’m completely in love with everything about these glasses. The frame is sturdy and the packaging is perfect. They arrived extremely quickly as well. Firmoo included a cool keychain and a durable case for the glasses, along with a bag to store them in. I’m in love guys.

I definitely recommend Firmoo for your next pair of glasses. I’m not sponsored at all and I was not asked to write about Firmoo. I honestly just love my experience and thought I would share it with you all.



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