Rebrand+What You Deserve


I’m back, and with a lot of news. I have very important things to announce. I’ll just dive right in. S.A. the Writer will be going through exciting changes this year. I was given an opportunity that not many people get to receive. With that opportunity comes with a rebranding phase for my website and myself. I knew about this for awhile but couldn’t tell you all. Some of you may know that I’m taking time off from school. After the unfortunate events of the end of 2015 I needed time to heal and be the most mentally healthy I can be. But before all of the chaos happened I knew that I would need to take time off in order to do this opportunity eventually. I’m very excited about this!

I can’t tell you what I’m working on currently, I won’t be able to for awhile, but after some reassurance and a solid plan I’m sure I’ll be able to tell you all at some point in this year. Don’t feel bad because I can’t even tell my best friends yet. It will definitely be worth the wait for you all.

I think I was given this gift of an opportunity because I know what I deserve. I work hard to be a good writer, friend, lover, and every other hat I wear. I put a lot of time and effort into the things and people I love. I expect the same.

It occurred to me that I’ll be 24, and that means I’m definitely not a child anymore. Haven’t been for awhile. But some people have trouble with growing up, acting like an adult, and functioning in society as a respectful individual. That makes me feel okay about my life, I’m doing so well and have accomplished so much for a 23 year old. I get to live my dream because I worked so hard for it. Everything I have gone through has led up to this moment. I accomplished this all because I never forgot what I deserved, and that is to be happy. I promised myself to be happy throughout 2015 and I did that. Yes, some days were hard but at the end of the day I was happy.

Now, I have to share with you the most noticeable blog changes.

There will be a new post every week on Thursdays at 11 am. This will keep us all on track and on a schedule. Starting in February you all will be getting a weekly vlog from me every Sunday morning on my YouTube channel! So on February 7th make sure to watch my first weekly vlog.

There will be other changes that are small but important. I’m sure you won’t even notice them but I figured it would be important to tell you. Thanks for being so loyal. There’s almost 4,000 of you and I get nothing but your kindness. I’m a lucky girl.

2016 will be an amazing year, don’t forget what you deserve.

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