Bra Tips+Thirdlove

Hey everyone! Thirdlove is a brand I discovered and I have some tips to share with you all. I love fashion and what you wear underneath counts just as much as what’s on top. Your bra should be comfortable. I’m all for comfort when it comes to fashion.



Illustration belongs to Thirdlove


I think the best way to get the bra that works for you is to see someone who is a pro at fitting women for bras.

But it’s also important to know what works for your body and what makes you feel uncomfortable.

For me, I can’t tolerate tight straps. Especially if they’re digging into my skin. It’s important to have the right fit of bra. Your bra helps your outfit believe it or not. With so many options to choose from your outfit will benefit tremendously from a well fitted bra. Hope you all enjoyed this bit of information!


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