Blogmas Day 22+Apartment Design

With the new year approaching and a new place to decorate I’ve been stashing away some inspiration.


I’ve always loved the idea of a minimalistic space. My wardrobe consists of black, white, gray, and gold. I love it. I love looking chic and put together. The idea of a loud, colorful apartment with clashing colors gives me a major headache.

Some may see my style as boring but I don’t care. Being a writer in the fashion industry since I was a teen has helped me develop my own style and feel comfortable wearing what I want and decorating the way I want to.

This doesn’t mean I won’t add in a touch of unexpected color. But even with that I go for earth tones.


I’m in love with the style of a simple room. With too much going on it’s hard to relax and that’s the whole purpose of a bedroom.



I’m obsessed with coziness. A cozy bed is a bed that’s meant to be spent lazy Sunday mornings in.




Cooking is something I love to do. So I’ve also been looking at design projects for the kitchen space.




I love marble and right now it’s very trendy. I love the clean look of it and the sleek style of it.

I’ll definitely be doing some diy projects and homeware hauls in the near future.

I’m curious to know what styles you all love?

Also, I got all of these gorgeous images from Tumblr. If you know the rightful owners please let me know so I can give them credit.

Blogmas is almost over, time flies when you’re having an absolute blast!


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