Blogmas Days 13-14+Being With Ice King

Thanks to Facebook I learned that a year ago today I asked myself what I would do if given the opportunity to talk to Ice King. Well, as you all know he’s back in my life. After reading my blog he reached out to me and ever since then we’ve been building a friendship.

We decided to hangout last night. We had a mini Christmas, food, and gifts. I missed him a lot. I missed his laugh, his smile, his eyes, and his voice. Being close to him was what I wanted for so long.

He came back.

We’re not getting back together. It’s not like that. I can’t explain it because it only makes sense to us. We have something that no one else will ever experience. We’re like a puzzle, we found each other once and we found each other again. I feel what he feels and he feels what I feel.

I love him. He loves me. We love each other but love isn’t the only thing that will hold us together in a relationship. That’s why we can only be friends and right now we’re both okay with that.

Things are different now. I can’t call him Ice King anymore. That’s who he was before, now he’s someone else.

We’re going to call him Zephyr. It’s a nickname he’s used forever. Zephyr means a soft gentle breeze. It fits him, his soul is gentle.

For now on we’ll be referring to him as Zephyr.

When you’re with someone you love you’re free to be vulnerable. Last night I was vulnerable with Zephyr. We cried together and we understood each other.

If you have someone that you can connect with hold onto that.


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