Blogmas Day 12+My Skincare Routine


My close friend Alex surprised me with these goodies and I’ve been loving them ever since. I needed to set skincare routine and these products have helped me out tremendously. I lucked out as a teenager and never had to deal with acne. Now in my twenties though my skin goes from oily to dry.

During the winter the cold dries out my skin and I produce a ton of natural oils. Thank goodness for these lovelies because my skin has been moisturized ever since.

I start off by using the Russell Organics face wash. I love this face wash. I feel so clean after using it and it’s not harsh at all.

I move onto the hyaluronic acid to plump my face full of moisture. It leaves my skin ridiculously soft.

I’m going on 24 and I want to start taking care of wrinkles now instead of freaking out when I’m older. I’m do pleased with the Dr. Brandt eye cream. I could be imagining things but I feel like I see a difference.

What is your skincare routine?


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