Blogmas Day 11+Safe

I promised you all a few weeks ago that I would share my exciting news. I’ll definitely share it with you throughout the month so I don’t bore you with a ton of information.

I know I talk about self care regarding your mental health on here a lot and I will continue to. But over the past months I’ve been regularly seeing a therapist. As many of you know I’ve had a nightmare of a year and I laughed off things to help shield myself, but I was really hurting myself by not tackling my pain before it grew.

It grew to the point where I could feel myself slowly going into a dark place. A place that I sent myself into before and a place that I promised myself that I would fight so hard before I got to that point again.

That’s when I went to get help. I had the opportunity to work with a amazing person who helped me get out of the shadow I was in.

Then things got better. I felt safer than before. Safety was still a concern but I knew I had a stronger support system.

I felt happy and excited. My plan seemed less frightening but more achievable and the best part was that I had people who agreed with my plan and felt like it was the best choice for me.

You’re probably wondering about my plan. Well, my plan is quite big so I’ll give you a piece of it.

I always want to feel safe. Now this won’t always be the case because life throws things at you but I always want to make myself feel safe in any situation.

Right now I feel safe. I slept without fear for the first time. I had a meal without feeling anxious. I’m in a great place right now. I can’t wait to share more with you all.

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