Blogmas Day 10+Melanie Murphy

Video belongs to Melanie Murphy


Day 10 already?! It’s so crazy how time flies. I finished my last final exam today and I am so relieved. I’m so ready for vacation. I’ve been using my free time to catch up on Vlogmas’. I have a whole list of people I watch, but I’m completely entertained by Melanie Murphy. She’s an Irish YouTuber and she’s funny and down to earth. You all know my love for Ireland and how I hope to visit Ireland one day.

I won’t go into detail because most of you already know about my depression and anxiety (especially this semester), but seriously watching her and other YouTubers has helped me just get through tough nights. Definitely keep up with her Vlogmas. She also eats the best food!

I have a question for you all. Would you all be interested in me sending a few of you surprise gifts throughout next year every month? I think it would be great to send you guys tea flavors I love, books, and maybe even cool mugs. I just have so much love for you all and all of the support, kind words, and joy you give me. Let me know down in the comments, or you could email me.


I love you guys. Remember, no one in this world can break you..



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