Moving Forward+Ice King


The death card in tarot reading is probably the most feared. It’s understandable, death is a scary thing. But as many of you know, I’m Wiccan and I use tarot cards as my choice of a divination tool. The death card means welcoming new beginnings and leaving the past behind. It’s the most positive tarot card actually, I’ve been pulling it a lot lately because of a question I’ve been asking about a current situation and Ice King. Yes, Ice King is back, I mean actually back in real life. He contacted me after reading an article I wrote awhile ago. We’re moving forward as friends. We still love each other and want to finally move from the past and work on a friendship.

It was refreshing and unexpected. I have really missed him, but you all know that already. I want to make this friendship work, one step at a time. I think there is one thing I can do to make it easier for the two of us.

I won’t mention him anymore on here. It’s funny because he had no idea about being “Ice King”, which is funny because you all love reading about him, I have had a couple situations where people have come up to me in real life and asked about “Ice King”. But of course that has made things awkward, I put my life on this blog, not even all of it, only a small part of it but people still get heavily involved with it. No one wants to go on a coffee date and have the person bring up “Ice King”. It’s awkward and makes me remember how big of a following I have, almost 4,000 of you!

So to help this new journey, I’m going to stop writing about Ice King. I hope you all can respect that. This kind of goes for Mr. Gorgeous Eyes and Mr. Not Ready, too.

It would be impossible to go through my old posts about Ice King and make them private or delete them. For one, there’s so many and they are there for a reason. I wrote them when I needed an outlet. I’m not perfect and neither is he. When I wrote certain posts I was confused, upset, and angry. I was also very depressed so when I go back and read them I say “wow, I didn’t mean to say that” or “that came out wrong,” I’m still growing and so is he.Things are cleared up now, I understand now. We’re working at it.

So as much as I love you all, can I keep my growing friendship with Ice King private?

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