Tricks and Treats for Anxiety+7 Cups of Tea


Only a bit until Halloween! It’s hard to imagine that 2 years ago this week I was in the ICU. I went home to Cleveland this past weekend and returned back to Pennsylvania to find that our home was burglarized. We’re doing well, but it’s something about this time of year..

Anyway I know that anxiety can hit you unexpectedly and I thought I would share some tricks and treats to help you all.

1. I’ve been trying to get a good amount of sleep. I’m aiming for 8 hours. It makes me feel refreshed in the morning and overall less anxious. No more late nights for me, it adds stress to my life I don’t need.

2. I’ve been trying to eat actual meals throughout the day instead of casually snacking. This is very important for me because I am diabetic and I need enough carbs to cover the insulin I take. I’ve been having low blood sugars lately. Even though the diabetic ketoacidosis happened because of common food poisoning, I still feel better if I eat extra better during this week. I did save my treat day for Halloween though to splurge with my friends.

3. Fresh air is great honestly. Sometimes I need to get out of this room and go outside and get close to nature.

4. Movies! I told you already but Hocus Pocus calms me so well.

5. Good people. After the discovery of the robbery I was devastated. But my friends Kelly, Madison, Mr. Not Ready, and even Mr. Gorgeous Eyes (I’ll give you an update about this friendship after the holiday) were really there for me. It was nice to know that regardless of what situation me and these people go through, they were still comforting and understanding and right now in my life I need that. You guys need that too. Find good people and hold on to them.

I also wanted to include an app for you all.

I’ve used 7 Cups of Tea before when I was having a bad day and a lot of anxiety. People honestly just talk to you about anything and everything to help calm you. I have an Android so I’m sure it has an app for iPhone. I’m not being sponsored, I really do like this app.

Also, if you ever want to talk to me just send an email to I get my emails directly to my phone so I can respond quickly. We’re a family and I want to be there for you all.


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