Hello+Time Heals All Wounds

Adele has a new song and as usual I’m obsessed. Her lyrics hit home for me. Have you wondered about that old quote “time heals all wounds”, and if it really works? I think time heals some wounds but not all of them. Last Thursday was Ice King’s 24th birthday and I was back home in our hometown. I felt happy being back home for a bit, but it made me think of him a lot. There are still things I want answered by him.

Today I was thinking about how he broke up with me and the sharp pain I felt when it happened resurfaced. It was  odd feeling that way, even for a brief second.

Ice King wished me a happy birthday this past May. We talked for a bit about the breakup, some things were cleared up and he apologized, but I still feel empty. Talking through email dilutes emotions.

When  we go through rough patches in  our lives we always reach for what is familiar. Ice King is familiar to me, I miss that guy a lot sometimes. I know now that I don’t want to ever be in a relationship with him again because I couldn’t trust him. But I do know that I want him in my life as a friend, the way we were before dating.

I can’t say if time heals all wounds, but I can say that time makes you look at situations differently. I’ve come far from a year ago.

Oh, you’re probably wondering about I would say to him if we talked for a long time and not just meager email conversations. Well, the truth is I don’t know, I don’t even know if I should still want that. But it would be nice given the option.

” I am sorry for breaking your heart..”- Ice King 

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