Carnegie Museum of Art+Review

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As many of you know I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio and have recently moved to Pittsburgh. In Cleveland we have amazing museums and I would spend a lot of time visiting them. Now that I’ve moved to Pittsburgh I’m taking advantage of the great museums here. I went to the Carnegie Museum of Art last week and had the opportunity to really look at the artwork and take photos. I was very impressed by the artwork. What really stood out to me was the use of lighting the artists used.

Even though I looked at some sculptures, I paid more attention to the paintings. There were so many that caught my attention. I was completely inspired by the use of colors and realism. For me each painting captured a moment. They were almost like photographs. Photography for me is a great way to capture a moment, and time that means something. I don’t know all of the stories that went into each piece of art but for me by looking at it you can get a sense of what was going on. Maybe it wasn’t going on at that exact moment but you could still feel a strong connection to a place and time.

If I got anything out of that trip it’s that I want people to remember not necessarily my photography but more of what it represents. I want people to look back and remember a time that leaves an imprint. Going through the museum was a great opportunity, but actually having the opportunity to take photos was even more amazing. It was nice to look at the artwork through the camera and see it in a different light.

I feel like if I work really hard I can come up with my own style and really set the tone for my photography. I think this will take a lot of trial and error. I’m willing to put in the work though if it means having a really good piece of art.

Before I  wouldn’t have thought photography and paintings would have so much in common but it does and I think it’s absolutely amazing. For now I will look at the two different art forms in a different light. I have to make an effort to visit the museum more often. I always say that I’m too busy, but I love museums and went any chance I could back in Cleveland. I really enjoyed the Carnegie Museum of Art, it really inspired me and I enjoyed myself. I definitely want to explore more of it though, maybe even look at some photography. The best part about museums is that you can get lost in the artwork and for a moment be completely out of reality, which is okay sometimes.  I’m happy that I was able to experience such a important part of Pittsburgh, it’s definitely a place to go more often. I’m also happy to have photos that I took of the work that I was interested in.


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