My Meditation Story+Ice King

I was meditating and figured I would tell you all about my meditation story. When I was finally out of the ICU my anxiety was at it’s worst, and a little bit after that me and Ice King decided to become more than friends and start dating. I would be a liar if I said that he was a bad person. He’s not, he just did a not so nice thing. I can still think of good parts of our relationship and one of those happens to be mediation.

When we were together my anxiety was so bad from being in the ICU and being sick. Anytime I needed cheering up he talked me through my emotions. When I was sick and afraid of having to go back to the hospital he sent me a cover of a song he recorded to cheer me up. He taught me about my chakra and finding the balance, he let me explore different tools to heal my spirit without judging me. After a doctors appointment with not the greatest news he let me cry to him and share my fears, he told me we would work through whatever the future would throw at me. That’s when he introduced me to mediation.

I definitely needed meditation. I needed something to help me. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about it all. But I did it the first time and was hooked. It’s amazing how we can heal ourselves. Of course I was shocked when he dumped me, but you guys already know that story.

I’m not trying to get you guys to like him.  I’ve never bashed him on here, I just shared my story. My story just happened to be that I was hurt. So I understand if you have a negative opinion of him. But if he did nothing else in our relationship, he gave me a gift that I use now to better myself.

He introduced me to an album he used to meditate with and I started using it too. It’s perfect. I know someone people can’t meditate with music, but for me it works. So to give a gift to whoever needs it, I want you listen to that album I embedded.

Thanks guys, for everything. You’re like my family, you’ve seen the good and bad.


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