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I have an awful cold and my last wisdom tooth is coming through. I have classes so I can’t just stay in bed and get my life together. No, I have to be an adult and keep it moving even though I feel like I’m going to sit in a corner and cry. Maybe that happened already, I won’t share. As you already know being sick, even having a cold is hard for me mentally because when I had diabetic ketoacidosis and was in the ICU the doctors believed that it was caused by a simple virus. All diabetics have to go through sick days and monitor our glucose levels consistently. It’s stressful and all I want is a hug and cuddles.

When I’m sick I’m so vulnerable and I really show my emotions. I tell people how I really feel. That sets me and anyone else up for disappointment. But that’s okay, because vulnerability makes you stronger.

I’m rambling because my cold and tooth are keeping me up. I have class in the morning and I thought maybe writing would help. It’s not, but I tried.

Don’t let the photo fool you, I took it before I got sick and my wisdom tooth decided to attack me. I’m going to be brave and get through this, I’m a lot stronger because of what I went through. I can get through this, I did before. Anxiety can’t hurt me.


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