Nicole Arbour+Kindness

Video belongs to Nicole Arbour

I never do these kind of posts but I will today. I’m not going to attack Nicole or call her names, because I’m better than that, YOU all are better than that. I am a big believer that love, kindness, and peace can make huge differences. If you’re not aware of this particular issue I’ll give you a quick review. Nicole made a video( above) making fun of people that are plus size.

Comedy is a wonderful thing, but making fun of people who happen to be different is not. Would you make fun of a disabled person like me? Would you make fun of someone of a different race? You wouldn’t do that at all, because those are things that can’t be changed. But to be honest even if something can be changed by the person that does not give you the right to make fun of them.

People make fat jokes all the time, and as a disabled woman I find that completely unacceptable. Body shaming is not right. I won’t tolerate it on my blog and I will always take up for people that are victims of it. Some of you may not know this but I’m type 2 diabetic. I have to take insulin, insulin makes you gain weight. This isn’t a lot but before the insulin I weighed 80 pounds(which is normal for my height) and since then I have gained 10 pounds. It’s hardly noticeable, but that didn’t stop someone from making fun of me. Last year I got my first taste of body shaming. I was taking out the trash when a girl I know stopped me and said “You’ve gained weight, what are you eating. I can really see your weight!”

I went to my room and cried. No one has the right to put you down or make you feel unhappy. I want you to imagine how a plus size individual may have felt after watching this video. Word can and do hurt. You can be funny without being hurtful. If you resort to hurting people with your jokes then you are not funny to begin with. Some people are not able to control their weight, and others are fine with their bodies. So why do you care? Why does it bother you? Why do you find it funny?

Put love into the world and you will get back triple the amount of love. Put hate into the world and you’ll get back triple the amount of hate.


2 thoughts on “Nicole Arbour+Kindness

  1. So much for “loving yourself for who you are”… This society is such an ironic contradiction😣 Your body isn’t even defined by what the media fancies, it’s yours. You have the rights to choose HOW you want your body to be. This is totally a PREJUDICE against bigger-sized bodies wtff (?)… ughh I feel so pissed off and embarrassed for her; she totally doesn’t know that she’s freaking making a fool out of herself LOL

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