Photography+David Burnett

I’m definitely new at this whole photography thing, but I’m excited to learn. I think studying the work of other photographers will help out a lot. For this post I’ll be looking at the work of David Burnett. Burnett uses a variety of cameras and each gives their own feeling to the photo. Looking through his gallery I really enjoyed his use of black and white. I also enjoy how his photos looked very vintage even though some were not. There’s like a fog on the edges of the photos that makes you focus more on the subject.

As I said, I don’t know much about photography yet, but because of the increase of vintage cameras becoming trendy I can tell that in some photos a “Holga”was used. The vignette on the border gave it away. Besides that I can’t really say what cameras were used.  Another thing I noticed was that when color was used it was almost muted. The colors weren’t vibrant but almost had a filter over them. Burnett enjoys less color and more black and white. Which is okay because of the topics he photographs happen to be more serious. I did take a moment to look at some portraits he did of authors, those seemed to be bright. I’m guessing  he determines the colors based on the topic.

I can’t wait to dive more into photography. Burnett has become an inspiration. Even though digital photography will be my focus for now, film is something I’m interested in after seeing the projects Burnett has created throughout the years.

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