I’m Not Crazy+Depression


I have anxiety and depression, but I’m not crazy. So don’t ever treat me like I am. Don’t ever treat me like I’m two seconds away from having a nervous breakdown, because I can guarantee you I won’t. I’ve been dealing with my anxiety and depression and know how to treat it. So don’t tell me I can’t handle love.

Don’t tell me when I will be ready for love and companionship, because you aren’t the judge of that. Don’t tell me I need to find myself and and figure out who I am. No one ever really figures out who they are. We learn something new about ourselves up til the day we die.

Don’t give me a map to follow to find love. If you must know I don’t follow so called “perfect formulas” for love. Mainly because they don’t exist. When I want something or someone I don’t wait for the perfect timing because if I did I would always be waiting. Life will never have the perfect timing for anything you really want. That’s not how it works. There’s no “not yet” in my book.

Please do not make me feel guilty for craving love, sex, and everything else a human naturally craves. If you have it, why can’t I? If you get to wake up next to the person you love every morning, why can’t I? My feelings shouldn’t be dismissed. You can’t tell me I have more of the world to see before I can be in love. Have you explored all of the world?

I have anxiety and depression. Those two things belong to me. I’m sure when I find love I’ll have someone who will understand and support me. So don’t you dare tell me my illnesses are holding me back from love. You know what, loving someone with anxiety and depression has been done.

Don’t complain about your life to discourage me from wanting to be in love. If love is so bad why are you in it?  Is there an exclusive membership to find your fairytale ending and I missed the boat?

I have feelings too, so if you claim to care about me don’t dismiss my want for love. Support me and understand me. I’m not crazy, I am able to love and be loved. I am ready to fall in love again.


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