I’ve always been a very emotional person. When I say emotional I mean that I can feel the emotions given off by others. I feel their happiness and sadness equally. Sometimes this can be a bad thing, but it also helps out with being in touch with how people feel.

I give every part of me to a friendship or relationship. I never slack and I always try to be understanding of their feelings. I believe that every important relationship you have in life is supposed to be that way. I believe that patience, time, and honesty are all parts of a successful relationship.

A goal I have is to always have those components in my relationships. I don’t want to ever use excuses to excuse my mistakes. An unlimited amount of time is something we don’t have so freely, but I never want to use that as an excuse to cover-up my bad habits as a significant other or friend.

I have really good people in my life right now who try their best to be the best person I need them to be at this point in my life. If I had it  my way I  would see certain people a lot more often than I do now. But life gives us other tasks and we have to prioritize who and what is of more importance.

Sometimes this can be seen as unfair but in reality we all do it, but don’t notice until it’s done to us. When this happens you have to take moment for yourself and remind yourself that the only thing that has change is our responsibilities, not our feelings for each other.


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