Social Media+Your Story


If I don’t do this now I will keep forgetting to do it. I have a few social media outlets that I would love for you guys to join me on. I always forget to tell you guys, but since I remember now I’ll give you guys the scoop.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. As much as I love it I hate that it’s such an addictive aspect of my life. So I’ve decided to use my social media presence for good purposes only. One good thing I can think of is getting to know you all better.

I’m always talking about myself. It’s always me this, Shalida that, now granted this is my blog about my life. But I’m naturally a curious person. I want to know everything about you all! I’m on Facebook all day everyday, I Instagram photos all the time, and Pinterest holds all of my inspiration and ideas. Please join me on these social media sites. I want to finally learn YOUR story.


Instagram: @sathewriter


Twitter: @sathewriter

Facebook is the one I use most often, so definitely check me out on there.


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