My Baby Sister+Growing Up


Yesterday my baby sister turned 17. I always say to myself that she is the best gift my mother has ever given me. When I was 4 my mother met a man and married him. When I was 6, CJ (my baby sister)was born. I was so excited because not only did I have a sibling. I had a new friend. When I met her after my mom gave birth I promised myself to protect and love her forever.

When she was a baby I would steal kisses from her and cry at school because I missed her. When she would cry I would wipe her tears away and to make her smile I would play games with her.

At an early age CJ who we sweetly call “The Baby” showed the world her personality. She was witty, outspoken, and strong. Qualities she still have. It’s hard to believe that the little baby I liked to hold is a young woman, ready to conquer this world.

The qualities she holds close to her makes me love her so much. She believes in equality and respect. She also never let’s tough situations break her. She’s a great person, I love her a lot. I hope this world is ready for an extraordinary young woman. Happy belated birthday CJ, I love you.

If you would like to learn more about CJ, check out her blog.

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