My Friend Madison


Photographer Dan Landoni

I want to tell you all about my friend Madison. As you can see, she’s gorgeous. She is a model, journalist, and an amazing photographer. But I think she is also a great friend. I met Madison through the fashion club at my school, and since then I’ve noticed that she has a golden aura. What I admire most about Madison is that she is generous, kind, and never judgmental. When things are against her she still smiles, when people treat her unfairly she still releases her grace to the world. There aren’t a lot of people I trust, but I trust her. And I’m so happy to be her friend and to have her in my life. I hope each of you has the opportunity to meet a soul as wonderful as my friend Madison’s. We are so similar in ways, but different in others. I wish I could be as graceful and forgiving as her. But I’m still learning and realizing that sadness and anger hurts you more than the one that hurt you. She has also taught me that I’m not the only chai fanatic , and that my addiction is completely normal. If you want to learn more about Madison you can check out her fashion website

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