What is My Name+Pseudonym

Photographer:Madison Taylor

I’ve always loved the idea of having a pseudonym. George Sand happens to be one of my favorite writers, and she used one. Times were difficult for female writers so she kind of had to back then. My mother who is also a writer uses one as well. I’ve used my initials to identify myself with for quite some time now. My name is Shalida Ann, if you were curious. I was named after my mother and grandmother. When I sent out my first novel to literary agents I asked if I could published under a pseudonym and they were completely fine with it. So after four years of trying to figure out a last name to accompany my first and middle  I have finally decided on one and it was there all along.

But before I tell you it, I should probably explain why I want one to begin with. My father isn’t my life, I could write a whole post about it on here but for now just know that he isn’t in my life and I don’t want him to be. Because of this I’ve always had my mother’s last name, even when she married my sisters father. Her last name comes from her mother(my granny) and my granny’s last name comes from her father(my great-grandfather). I think that the best part of growing up is realizing that if something makes you unhappy, you can change that. We’re not a close family. It’s honestly just my immediate family I’m close with along with my granny and grandpa. So when I was trying to pick out a last name my mother said “why don’t you use your grandfather’s last name?”

So I did. Now you’re probably wondering why my mother has my granny’s maiden name and not her father’s . Well, my mom wasn’t very close to her biological father, and I never met him. But my granny remarried and my mom got a new stepfather. Who I have always known as my grandpa. So I’m taking his last name to write with. I don’t if I will permanently change it but I choose to I have every right. So my pseudonym will be S.A. Quinn.

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