My Friend Meg+My Gem

Out of all my friends Meg is the free spirit. We all are, but Meg is different. Meg has long brown hair, huge eyes full of excitement and endless adventures. She has a taste for thrifted flannel (that I envy), sweaters, and really good tea. She’s a writer and if every writer had to be painted into one person, she would be the model. She’s my writer sister. When I’m stressed she tells me to meditate and takes me out for tea. She’s a gem. A gem that you keep in a safe pouch to keep it from becoming damaged, or worst, losing it. She is one of the first people I met, and after our first conversation I knew she would be my friend.  Ice King was right about one thing-I did meet new and amazing friends. Meg is one of them. My free-spirited, tea loving gem.


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